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Role of an Architect

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Nine inspirational interviews with nine industry leaders.

The number of architects asking us how the industry – and more specifically the role of an architect – is adapting to our ever changing world is increasing. In order to provide them with an answer based on comprehensive research we surveyed 201 architects across Australia & New Zealand on the topic, as well as undertaking in-depth interviews with nine industry leaders.

What we have found is that an architect is no longer a designer of function and beauty alone. Today’s architect is also a designer of sustainability who must comply with increased legislation and codes, experiment with new materials and continuously advance their skills in the latest technology, all of which advances rapidly.

In our report you will find the makeup of a typical architect based on our survey findings, accompanied by all our in-depth interviews, as well as the view of Senior Regional Director at Hays Architecture and recommendations for both employers and employees. To access the full survey results download your copy below as well as gain access to all the in-depth interviews we conducted in Australia and New Zealand.

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