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Hays Salary Guide FY24/25

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Australia and New Zealand’s most comprehensive guide to salary and recruitment trends

Hays Salary Guide FY24/25 has demonstrated that this year should be the year for action. The data showed us that the extremes of the past year have stabilised, and that the workforce is ready to roll up its sleeves and get to work, but organisations continue to be cautious. This year’s report really highlighted that after the upheavals of the years recently past, workers are ready to get back to it. We saw that 60 per cent of employees are looking for a new role because they lack promotional opportunities, and 63 per cent are looking for learning and development skills.  

While job security is important to many, 77 per cent of employees are looking, or considering looking, for a new role in the year ahead. So if you’re considering a new role soon, how are you planning on standing out from the competition?  

 In the Hays Salary Guide, you’ll find:

  • Salary trends to check you’re earning what you’re worth.
  • The benefits top employers are offering to secure the best talent.
  • The skills employers are looking for when hiring.   
 Make the numbers work for your career, download today.  

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About Hays Salary Guide

Covering more than 1,270 roles across 27 industries in metro and regional locations throughout Australia and New Zealand, the Hays Salary Guide is the largest employment survey with more than 15,000 responses from professionals.
With 45 years of experience in creating ANZ’s most comprehensive Salary Guide, Hays can help you make sense of the numbers and realise your career ambitions. 

Key findings from Hays Salary Guide FY24/25




of business believe activity will increase in the year ahead. 
of businesses are reporting that skill shortages have eased. 



all organisations have reported that productivity has increase
or stayed the same over the past year.
of organisations reported working in a flexible way with some days in office,
and some at home.

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Try our Salary Comparison Tool

The Hays Salary Checker provides you with quick access to salaries for your specific job role in your location. Covering thousands of jobs in 28 different industries and sectors, and further customised geographically by 11 different regions across Australia. Our Australian salary comparison tool provides instant insights on pay and salary benchmarking for your exact job and location.


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Career Advice

According to our Hays Salary Guide FY24/25 survey, 63% of employees are looking for learning and development opportunities. Are you learning the skills to stay ahead? 


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For further in-depth salary insights by industry, explore our industry and partner salary guides such as our Hays Salary Guide IT Edition or CIPS Procurement Salary Guide.


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