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Ensuring all company contracts are sound

Carefully prepared and legally sound contracts are essential for businesses to operate smoothly. As organisations grow, there becomes a need for a dedicated Contracts Administrator to manage this increasingly important aspect of the business.
Are you an experienced Contracts Administrator who can expertly prepare, negotiate and evaluate contracts at all stages of the negotiation process? Do you understand all aspects of business law and how to apply them to legal documents?
If you answered yes to those questions, then you've come to the right place to further your career. The recruitment experts at Hays are prepared to help you find the best Contracts Administrator jobs in Australia based on your level of experience and work preferences.

Find my next Contracts Administrator job in Australia

If you have experience in this field or are interested in finding an entry-level role, we want to hear from you. From drafting contracts, outlining legal requirements and negotiating terms with clients, contracts administration can be a challenging yet enriching career.
Whether you're eager to take on a new full-time permanent position or want to explore contract roles, Hays can connect you with a rewarding opportunity in your city.

Your Contracts Administrator job questions, answered

What does a Contracts Administrator do?

A Contracts Administrator creates, negotiates and evaluates company contracts on behalf of an organisation. They are responsible for ensuring that all arrangements are legally sound and that all parties are complicit with the contract terms. They often work closely with organisations' legal teams to ensure that their contracts can withstand public scrutiny, looking out for any potential issues or red flags early on before they become a problem down the line.
Contract Administrators work across all industries where contracts are essential to an organisation's daily activities, including construction, media, law and many more. Their day-to-day activities include drafting contracts through to completion, identifying parties involved and their requirements, negotiating terms with clients, monitoring compliance, resolving disputes and liaising with legal teams for advice or assistance regarding contract issues.

What skills does a Contracts Administrator need to have?

Key skills for a Contracts Administrator include:
  • Understanding and knowledge of contract law
  • Contract negotiation, including preparation and evaluation
  • Drafting and reviewing legal documents
  • Some compliance knowledge
  • Effective communication, both written and verbal
  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy
  • The ability to prioritise and work under pressure
  • Strong computer skills
These professionals also need to know how to use a range of software, including advanced office suites, contract management software and other essential business tools. All this, plus being able to demonstrate an exceptional work ethic, will help you secure your next role.
Learn more about essential Contracts Administrator skills.

What is a Contract Administrator's job description?

As a Contracts Administrator, you will need to know how to draft and review legal documents, liaise with legal teams for advice or assistance regarding contract issues, monitor compliance within contracts and negotiate terms with clients.
These types of roles typically require you to have good telecommunications skills (including strong email etiquette) and the ability to use relevant computer software. You may be required to work on your own or as part of a team and work flexible hours, including weekends where necessary.
Learn more about the average Contracts Administrator job description.

What is a Contract Administrator's salary?

According to the 2022/23 Hays Salary Guide, the average Contracts Administrator salary in Australia is as follows for each industry:
Average salaries will also vary based on seniority and location. Refer to the Hays Salary Guide for our latest breakdown of typical salaries by state or territory.
Learn more about the average Contracts Administrator salary as it progresses from entry-level to senior positions.

What qualifications does a Contracts Administrator need?

A Contracts Administrator should have qualifications in law, business management or a relevant discipline. However, some roles, such as those in the construction industry, will require you to have industry-specific qualifications. It's essential that you have the base knowledge required to administer business contracts, plus knowledge of the industry you'll be working in.

What types of employers hire Contract Administrators in Australia?

Contract Administrators operate in basically every industry, including:
Since contracts are ubiquitous across all businesses in Australia, a Contracts Administrator can work in almost any industry they want. However, to be successful, you will need to develop experience and expertise in the specific industries you wish to work in. They will all have different regulations that govern how contracts are designed and executed.

Are there many Contracts Administrator jobs available at the moment?

Yes, there are a wide variety of Contracts Administrator jobs in Australia for you to choose from. Now's the perfect time to capitalise on this increase in demand and secure an excellent career move.
Browse current Contracts Administrator jobs with Hays.

How do you become a Contracts Administrator in Australia?

You’ll need to study to get relevant qualifications in the industry you wish to work in. For example, to work on contracts in the construction industry the basic qualification you will need is a Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Contract Administration). Diplomas in contract management or project management are also useful for aspiring professionals. Larger organisations typically expect candidates to have a university degree in a related field, such as a Bachelor of Business Law.
You also need to get hands-on experience working in the industry you're specialising in. For example, a Contracts Administrator for a construction firm would typically have experience working in a junior admin or logistics role so they understand the ins and outs of the industry.

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