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Contracts Administrator salaries in Australia

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How much does a Contracts Administrator earn in Australia?

Determining how much you are likely to earn requires you to factor in experience, location and the specific industry you wish to work in.
Due to the increasing demand for skilled Contract Administrators across Australia, you have an opportunity to leverage a great salary when applying with the right organisation. Your prior experience and qualifications relevant to the industry you are applying within will be critical to your success in negotiating a competitive salary.

What is the average Contracts Administrator salary in Australia?

According to the 2022/23 Hays Salary Guide, the average Contracts Administrator salary in Australia is as follows for each industry:
Download the Hays Salary Guide to see and compare the average Contracts Administrator salary in different cities and regions across Australia.

How does a Contract Administrator’s salary progress from entry-level to senior?

Contracts Administrator wages increase as professionals gain more experience and prove themselves capable of taking on greater levels of responsibility. After getting your first position, you will need to gradually build your knowledge and experience to position yourself for promotion and earn a higher salary.

Entry-level Contracts Administrator salary

Junior Contracts Administrators are generally responsible for a range of administrative duties related to contract administration and will typically work to support a Senior Contracts Administrator. The specific tasks required of a Junior Contracts Administrator will vary based on what industry they are working in. For example, a Junior Contracts Administrator in the construction industry may be responsible for preparing subcontractor packages and procurement schedules, reviewing, negotiating on and finalising subcontracts and handling the administration of RFIs to clients, architects and consultants.
An entry-level Contracts Administrator typically earns $50,000 to $60,000 depending on industry specialisation and location.

Mid-level Contracts Administrator salary

Mid-level Contract Administrators are responsible for administering contracts for more complex projects. They typically work with an existing team to provide support by analysing contractual documents, preparing reports and updates on project progress, representing the company at contract negotiations, managing subcontractor agreements and maintaining relations with clients.
Mid-level Contract Administrators earn between $60,000 and $70,000 depending on industry specialisation and location.

Senior Contracts Administrator salary

A Senior Contracts Administrator is responsible for managing all contractual relationships between the company and its clients, subcontractors, consultants, internal departments and third-party suppliers. Their tasks are primarily the same as intermediate professionals, except that the contracts they work with are more significant. They may also be expected to lead or mentor less experienced team members.
Senior Contracts Administrators earn between $70,000 and $90,000 depending on industry specialisation and location.
To learn more, use the Hays Salary Checker to benchmark wages in Australia or start your search for your next Contracts Administrator job with Hays.

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