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Looking for a temporary or contract job in Australia?

If you are looking for temporary or contract work in Australia, know that you do not have to navigate this journey alone. Hays is a specialist recruiter with a long history of experience in placing candidates like you with reputable companies across Australia into temporary and contract roles. You can rely on Hays to guide you into your next short-term assignment.

Many employers in sectors such as IT, trades and construction, and office support use temporary and contract staff to support them through peak periods or on specific projects, so if you aren't open to this form of working, you could be passing valuable opportunities by.

Temporary assignments allow you to gain experience in new industries and business cultures, as well as develop new skills and contacts. Dive into topics such as working as a contractor through an agency and furthering your career prospects with contract jobs in our career advice hub. Our articles will help you gain a stronger foothold in the jobs market and present yourself as top prospective talent in your field of expertise.

Already working or looking to work with Hays?

Below you can find out what to expect working with Hays as a temporary or contract worker, including Hays payroll information and FAQs.

Learn more about the benefits of temporary work through Hays below or talk to a Hays consultant about available opportunities. 

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Hays payroll information

Find the payroll information you need as a Hays temporary worker or contractor here.

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Working with Hays

Discover further information about contracting through Hays.

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Temp survival guide

Know the essentials to get the most of your temporary assignment or contract role.

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FAQs about working with Hays

FAQs about temporary & contract work with Hays.

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Work Health & Safety

Browse information about health and safety in the workplace.

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The benefits of temporary and contract jobs

Benefits of temporary assignments & contracts

Discover the upsides of working as a temporary worker or contractor.

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IT Contractor Rates

Discover the daily rates for more than 60 tech contractor roles and market insights from technology leaders across Australia.

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