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When you apply for a job the first thing a hiring manager will ask of you is to submit a resume, also known as a CV, and usually a cover letter. These are critical documents that enable you to showcase your skills, experience and professional profile onto paper to help support your case for securing an interview. Without them, your application may be rejected without reason or simply left unanswered.

As an authority on hiring skilled workers for a vast number of specialist areas in Australia, Hays understands what is takes to get a CV through to the hiring manager’s ‘yes’ pile. Our recruitment experts possess an abundance of knowledge on resume writing and tips for candidates of all backgrounds and needs, from permanent roles to contract assignments, or even finding a job within the government or public sector.  

A cover letter is not always requested when applying for jobs, but it is useful for positioning yourself as a more favourable candidate. Think of this document as supporting information to offer a more tailored explanation as to why you want to work for the chosen employer. Including your notice period and working rights can potentially eliminate concerns or indecision about your suitability for the role. 

Our resume tips articles cover all bases so you can begin your job search journey with confidence. From understanding how to structure your CV or to download our free CV template or cover letter template, explore more below.  

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How to write a resume

Learn about the fundamentals of crafting a winning resume by the experts at Hays.

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Writing a cover letter

Discover what it takes to create a highly professional cover letter for a job application.

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CV clichés to avoid

Beware of these red herrings when crafting your CV and cover letter. 

Create a winning CV

One simple resume trick

Is this the one essential trick you are missing on your resume? Find out today!

Bring achievement on your CV

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Updating your resume

How often should you update your CV and cover letter? Find out in this short guide.

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Optimising your resume

Find out how to optimise your resume for job website algorithms.

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