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Receptionist salaries in Australia

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The role of Receptionist is quite varied depending on the industry they work in, although there is a lot of overlap in their responsibilities. Receptionist is considered a basic starting role for those seeking a career in office support and provides a foundation to grow and move to higher-paying roles in the future.

How much does a Receptionist earn in Australia?

The average annual salary of a Receptionist in Australia ranges from $43,000 to $70,000.
A Receptionist's salary may depend on a variety of factors, including:
You can compare the salaries of Receptionists based on their location and industry sector using the Hays Salary Guide.

What is a starting salary of a Receptionist in Australia?

The starting salary of a Receptionist in Australia is around AUD $43,000. This is due to the Receptionist role being a generalist job involving basic ad hoc and administrative tasks. The role is also customer-focused and requires individuals to understand how to communicate with business clients, customers and partners.
As a Receptionist builds their skill set (e.g. learns to complete more complex administrative tasks and develops organisational skills), their salary should also increase to reflect their abilities.

How much does an experienced Receptionist earn?

An experienced receptionist earns around AUD $51,000 to $70,000 per year. Most people with this job eventually move on to other, higher-paying careers within the professional sector, such as a Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Reception Managers or related positions.

What is the salary progression of a Receptionist in Australia?

The annual salary of an experienced Receptionist can reach up to AUD $70,000, meaning individuals should look to progress to another role to reach a higher income. These roles may include Personal Assistants, Executive Assistants, Reception Managers and other office support jobs.

Do Receptionists get paid well?

Because a Receptionist's role involves basic ad hoc and administrative tasks, they typically earn slightly less than secretaries or office managers. For example, Administrative Executive Assistants make an average salary of between AUD $70,000 and $100,000, while Receptionists can expect to make around AUD $56,000 per year.
As a Receptionist gains more qualifications and expertise, their salary will increase accordingly. Depending on the specific skill set of an individual, salaries may reach up to AUD $70,000 per year for a senior receptionist position.

Is there demand for Receptionists in Australia?

Yes. Receptionist job opportunities are expected to increase within the next five years. As few people have the skills required for this role, employers are looking to hire more staff to meet this demand (e.g. faster customer service). Many businesses have also acknowledged the usefulness of an on-site receptionist and the role is quickly growing in demand across Australia.
For more information on salary expectations for Receptionists in Australia, be sure to check out the Hays Salary Checker.
You can also learn more about the role of a Receptionist by checking out our pages on their job description as well as skills and qualifications.

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