Personal Assistant salaries in Australia

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How much does a Personal Assistant earn in Australia?

Personal Assistants (PAs) in Australia can be very well compensated depending on their organisation and what city or region it is based in.
Because of the growing demand for talented PAs, you can leverage a competitive salary when making your next career move. The more experience you have doing admin work related to the role, the more bargaining power you have when negotiating your pay level.

What is the average Personal Assistant salary in Australia?

Based on the 2022/23 Hays Salary Guide, the average annual salary for a Personal Assistant (assisting multiple executives) is between $65,000 and $90,000, depending on the city or region.
Compensation also varies for more specialised PAs. The average salary for a Legal PA is between $61,000 and $85,000, while the average salary for an Investment Banking PA is between $61,000 and $90,000.
Download the Hays Salary Guide to compare PA wages across the major cities and regional areas in Australia.

How does a Personal Assistant's salary progress from entry-level to senior?

As they gain more experience in executing various administrative tasks on behalf of others, PAs can expect higher levels of compensation. Typically, your salary as a PA will increase relative to the salary of the professional or team you are working under. This means that if you're assisting a high-earning CEO, your salary would be higher than another PA working on behalf of a lower-paid executive.

Entry-level Personal Assistant salary

Junior Personal Assistants are typically responsible for general office support duties, such as making travel arrangements and managing calendars. They may also manage the organisation of filing and record keeping.
As an entry-level PA, you can expect an annual salary of around $70,000-$75,000

Mid-level Personal Assistant salary

As a mid-level PA, your responsibilities will evolve to include more complex tasks typically associated with the executive or professional you are assisting. These tasks include preparing daily briefs, preparing presentations, project management and working directly with clients.
At this level, you can expect to have a higher Personal Assistant salary of between $80,000 and $85,000 per year.

Senior Personal Assistant salary

At the senior level, a PA’s responsibilities typically include performing high-level administrative duties associated with the executive they are supporting, such as managing major projects and client relations. Other tasks include managing the development and direction of the executive's personal branding or performing accounting and bookkeeping tasks on their behalf.
You could earn between $85,000 and $90,000 per year or more as a senior Personal Assistant. 
Use the Hays Salary Checker to benchmark PA wages around Australia or begin searching for Personal Assistant jobs with Hays.

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