Executive Assistant job description

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What does an Executive Assistant's job description involve?

An Executive Assistant's job description involves a lot of multi-tasking, time management and customer service. An Executive Assistant is a jack of all trades position and can work under pressure and handle large projects with ease. This role requires someone who can prioritise tasks and manage executives' expectations along with their own.
There are four key areas of focus within an Executive Assistants job description:
  1. Office management – An Executive Assistant is responsible for managing the office, including corporate events such as Christmas parties, client entertaining and team lunches during busy periods. An Executive Assistant will oversee suppliers and contractors who visit the office and be responsible for setting up meetings, booking taxis and flights

  2. Personal duties – This can include hosting visitors from overseas

  3. Administration – An Executive Assistant will be required to collate information, create presentations and work on Word or Excel documents. This role may also include liaising with clients and staff overseas and organising travel and itineraries for their executives

  4. Special projects – This can range from market research to feasibility studies but the main objective is to support executive business functions by providing solutions and working independently without any supervision

What are the duties of an Executive Assistant?

The typical duties of an Executive Assistant include:
  • Managing and organising calendars
  • Making travel arrangements (such as booking taxis for executives)
  • Answering phones, screening calls and directing to the appropriate person or department
  • Taking notes at meetings
  • Booking meeting rooms and ordering lunches for meetings
  • General administration duties such as filing, scanning documents, faxing
  • Tidying offices
  • Sending out mail and answering email requests promptly
  • Sorting incoming mail into categories (e.g. action required, no action required)
  • Creating presentations
  • Compiling market research information (e.g. gathering industry information)
  • Organising events like workshops or conferences

What does an Executive Assistant's daily routine look like?

An Executive Assistant's daily routine consists of many kinds of activities. They work closely with their executives and will typically work from 9 am to 5 pm (or be on call outside these hours).
One of an Executive Assistant's main daily activities is to go through their emails to see any important messages that need attention or urgent requests for information. In addition to this task, they will also schedule meetings in the calendar, make travel arrangements (e.g. hotel reservations) and set up conference calls for executives.

What is the work environment like for an Executive Assistant?

Typically, an Executive Assistant will work in a corporate office environment with other co-workers. Depending on the organisation, they can also work from home or overseas when travelling with their executive.

What are the qualities of a good Executive Assistant?

An Executive Assistant is typically seen as a trusted and critical member of the team who executes tasks efficiently and accurately under pressure. In addition, an Executive Assistant has strong organisational skills, excellent communication skills (both verbal and written), attention to detail and problem-solving abilities.
In addition to these qualities, it is important that the individual for this role possesses excellent time management skills, can prioritise tasks effectively and is comfortable liaising with people at all levels within the business.
Learn more about the job of an Executive Assistant by understanding their skills and qualifications, as well as salary expectations.

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