Employee reference checking

Employee reference checking

An employer interviewing a candidate

Hays Assessment and Development will save you time by conducting your references.

As recruitment experts, we understand the importance of taking detailed candidate references. While these references are a vital step in your recruitment process, we know that scheduling time with referees and undertaking a thorough reference check can be time consuming.

In a candidate-short market, completing references within a short timeframe ensures you secure your preferred candidate without delay. Outsourcing your employee reference checks to Hays Assessment & Development means you can trust our high-quality references to guide your candidate selection.

Our referencing service includes:

  • Development of a bespoke reference template ensuring your key areas of interest are examined
  • Scheduling of all phone calls with referees
  • Completion of a thorough reference check by a qualified consultant
  • Written report for each reference taken
  • Hays Assessment and Development will deliver you quality references within tight timeframes.

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