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Graduate & Internship recruitment in Australia

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Graduates and interns are necessary for the continuation, growth and diversification of businesses. In today’s world of work we are seeing a greater number and variety of businesses putting emphasis behind effective graduate attraction strategies and programs.

Today’s graduates comprised mainly of Generation Y and Z candidates require tailored communication and engagement in order to reach their potential within organisations.

Graduate recruitment today isn’t simply about reviewing an academic transcript. It’s about understanding broader skills, experiences, motivations and cultural factors. This is an integral part of our assessment process to improve your chances of employing successful graduates or interns.

Hays has been in the ANZ region for 40+ years. In that time we have seen significant change in the world of work and understand what motivates individuals in the dynamic, technology-rich world we live in today. We operate 38 offices across the region and our niche expertise gives us an unrivalled service offering to our clients.

About our graduate & intern recruitment programs

Hays will identify, attract, assess and engage the right candidates for your business. Focusing on continual engagement of graduates and interns we will make sure that cultural fit is evident and will look to deliver you future leaders.

Program services: A bespoke approach

  • Designing and shaping of graduate or intern job descriptions; duties broken down and relevant to differing teams within an organisation
  • Engagement strategies to find and source the right talent in the right channels
  • All recruitment advertising and marketing
  • Pre-screening and testing with an emphasis on personality and cultural fit
  • Designing and delivering assessment centres based on your core values and areas of cultural or individual importance for your programs
  • Recommendation process for hires
  • Referencing of all successful candidates
  • Aftercare. We believe that continual engagement is necessary to improve the success of graduates and interns after the hiring process. Therefore we can offer an aftercare process tailored to your needs aimed at maximising the success of your hires.

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