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Partner with Hays to drive improvements to your employee experience by conducting exit interviews with your transitioning staff members.

Hays recognises that your organisation’s workforce is one of your most valuable assets. Taking the time to understand the employee journey within your organisation is crucial to successfully driving ongoing improvements.

Asking the right questions to an exiting employee enables you to build a more effective strategy to improve organisational processes and culture and retain future employees.

Hays actively partners with a number of organisations to support the delivery of exit interview programs.

Our services include:

Questionnaire Development

If you wish to retain exit interviews as an in-house activity, Hays can build a tailored list of questions for your interviewers to administer. These questions will be based around your objectives and the key areas you wish to ask exiting employees about.

Survey Administration

Hays can build and deliver an online survey to your exiting employees. This anonymous survey will probe on all areas of interest to the organisation with questions developed in partnership with you.

Exit Interviewing

For many of our clients, outsourcing exit interviews to us has been beneficial in soliciting more candid responses from exiting employees. Hays will develop interview questions in partnership with you, schedule the exit interview, conduct a thorough exit interview and create an individual exit interview report.


Hays delivers individual exit interview reports so you can be made aware of all topics covered with your exiting employee. Should you have several employees transitioning out of the organisation within a short timeframe, Hays can outline common trends in a periodic overview report.

Learn more about the value of exit interviews and how they could positively impact your organisation. 

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