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We offer comprehensive interview and CV writing training that your employees can access to help them through their career transition. 

If your company has been through or is about to go through a restructure or reform, we’re here to help you, help the right person, land the right role.

Merit-based behavioural interviews or tailoring a resume can be challenging for many people and in the midst of organisational change, equipping your key employees with these essential skills is often overlooked.

Helping them to develop these skills as early as possible prior to the transition process will improve their confidence and allow them to maximise their opportunities, helping you to retain your key staff.

We offer tailor-made workshops and lunch & learns, covering the following topics: 

Interview Training

  • What a good interview looks like
  • How to prepare for an interview
  • Techniques for managing nerves
  • How to follow a structure and present yourself in the best way possible
  • Role play panels and mock interview questions
  • How to close an interview

CV Writing

  • Provide an example and overview of a successful resume
  • Why you should tailor your resume and highlight relevant skills for a particular role
  • Provide a resume template and specific guidance

We work in partnership with our clients to craft and deliver a variety of skills training and assessment testing according to bespoke requirements and organisational needs.  

Contact us to learn more or discuss your needs with one of our local teams.

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