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We offer organisations a range of specialist services, which are designed to help improve business results through people.

As part of Hays, a global leader in specialist recruitment, the Assessment and Development team provides HR insight gained from working with thousands of corporate, public and SME organisations across the globe. This coupled with our professional expertise and understanding, helps inform our advice and the services offered to clients. As a result of this knowledge, we know how important accurate assessment of employees is in enabling organisations to identify and plan their staffing requirements and we can assist in:

• Talent identification
• Talent assessment
• Talent development
• Team building
• Change, restructuring

Design & conceptualising job profiles

We work with organisations to help write and shape job/ role descriptions and duties. This may be the result of a merger & acquisition in which new departments are created or two sets of staff are evaluated. It may be purely due to growth where new departments are expanded or even created for the first time. We understand the requirement for differing skills, backgrounds and focuses and we aim to provide a tailored and specific approach to help find the right candidates. By making sure job profiles are correctly worded and written we can ensure a focused approach to help achieve success from the beginning of the process.


External applicants: Pre-screening can be undertaken for single roles or large recruitment exercises. For large recruitment exercises, we use an online application system that allows rapid processing of a large number of applicants, objectively assessing them against a validated role profile. It also ranks all applicants in terms of suitability, to allow us to systematically approach applicants in order of potential match for further screening and assessment. We can also produce tailored reports to shortlist and manage.

Internal applicants: We pre-screen internal applicants based on the key criteria of your role and provide a detailed summary of their suitability and short list. This process can be designed specifically to suit your and the internal applicants needs. The Hays project team can answer any enquiries about the role/s and talk candidates through the recruitment process, saving you time and ensuring consistency and rigour throughout. 


The process is simple, all you need to do is provide the résumés (hardcopy and/or softcopy), and we will assess against core competencies and selection criteria. We can conduct interviews (face to face or telephone) with tailored competency based interview questioning. This will ensure the shortlist contains the most suitable candidates for the role/s.

Assessment centres

Tailored assessments designed for specific or generic recruitment. We will undertake a detailed planning process in relation to the structure of the assessment centre, to ensure that it addresses all relevant assessment points. We will participate with your staff, administering psychometric testing and written assessments, with final report provided for each candidate.


We can hold interviews in our city head office, suburban or regional offices to help you ensure an objective external recruitment process. Interview coordination, scheduling and scribing can be provided. 

Scribing and Independent Panel Members: We can provide expert recruiters and HR consultants to sit on panels and provide an independent view and opinion. They are also able to scribe the meeting and collate all data to produce a report in line with your expectations or capability framework at the end of the interview process.

Ability testing

Our consultants are experts in the assessment field with experience and understanding of psychometric tests and their appropriate use. We provide impartial advice to our clients regarding the quality and job relevance of tests. This ensures their selection process is effective, valid and defensible. We select the specific tests in consultation with the key recruiter based on our analysis of the job description. These can assess a range of aptitudes including verbal, numerical, inductive and critical reasoning.

Psychometric testing

We can provide an Australian designed and norm range of psychometric test products, developed by Rightpeople. As a premier test publisher, they provide state of the art assessment products for pre-employment screening. Their test services lead the industry with an unsurpassed level of research support. Rightpeople are a government endorsed supplier. All tests can be completed online with immediate results and the tests are very cost effective. Individual tests through to high volume packages are available.

Development centres

Development centres use assessment centre techniques to diagnose individuals’ strengths or weaknesses so as to identify development needs that will facilitate job performance or career advancement. These are planned around robust assessments and developmental feedback and we design these events to co-ordinate with your development and talent management processes.

Other assessment methods

We can draw on 40 years of recruitment experience to design tailored assessment methods to suit your needs. These can include work sample tests and one-on one activities.

Reference checks

We can carry out a template of your choice for reference checks using our Hays standard questionnaire or tailor it to include questions relevant to the role and/or culture of the team.

Outplacements & career coaching

We create comprehensive career coaching and outplacement programs on behalf of our clients. Training schemes are designed to ensure that outgoing employees are prepared and able to find their next opportunity. Our programs can be one-on-one or group focused, be skills based and include job search social media training.

Exit interviews

This involves employees being interviewed, by a third party, to discuss why they have left the organisation and what they experienced during their tenure of employment. We project manage this process for clients and generate bespoke reports to help organisations improve their talent retention and assessment processes.

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