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The Fourth Industrial Revolution has arrived and rapidly gained ground. Many jobs in Australia and globally are being automated via technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things and cloud computing.

Research suggests about 60% of occupations could see at least a third of their job tasks automated, while the half-life of learned skills is now about five years. This makes constant learning a requirement of ongoing career success.

In this collection of articles we look at how you can continually develop and learn new skills to stay relevant and employable in the Australian jobs market in the face of all this rapid change.

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Soft Skills Guide

Download the Hays Soft Skills Guide to discover what soft skills you need to succeed in the workplace.

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Conflict resolution in the workplace

Discover why conflic resolution skills are important to have in the workplace.

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Soft Skills

Find out what 7 essential soft skills you need today to impress the hiring manager.

Impress the hiring manager

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Leadership skills

Learn how to develop your leadership skills and the impact this can have in your organisation.

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Emotional intelligence in the workplace

Develop your emotional intelligence and see how this can have a positive impact on your career opportunities.

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Organisational skills in the workplace

Take a look at why organisational skills are paramount in the workplace and how you can take yours to the next level. 

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Accountability in the workplace

A deep dive into the importance of accountability and ways to improve this skill in the workplace.

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Maximise your annual leave in 2024

Looking forward to a well-earned break? Learn how to maximise your downtime with our annual leave hacks for 2024.

Work ethic

Learn how a good work ethic can positively impact your career success.

Transferable skills in the workplace

In this article we look at what transferable skills are and analyse why they are important for any jobseeker or employee.

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Integrity in the workplace

We take a look at the importance of this characteristic, along with some examples and ways you can develop this trait.


Teamwork skills

Discover why teamwork is an essential skill and how to master it in the workplace.

Become a team player

Group discussion

Interpersonal Skills

Learn how to collaborate and communicate to achieve effective outcomes.

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Communication Skills

Understand why effective communication skills are essential. 

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Critical Thinking Skills

Enhance your ability to make logical and informed decisions.

Podcast: Presentation Skills

Maximise your chance of impressing and captivating audiences. 

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Problem Solving Skills

5 practical tips to help you become an efficient problem solver.

Master the art of problem solving

Digital skills gap

Learn what skills employers look for in candidates across different industies.

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Upskilling outside the office

Enjoy these tips on maximising your time outside of the office for upskilling.

Read our 9 tips

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Skills to future-proof your employability

Read about these attributes that can work in your favour for securing your next role.

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Showcase you're a constant learner

Discover helpful tips for how to demonstrate you have a continuous learning mindset.

Read our 4 tips

Breaking down skills vs. competencies

What are the differences between skills and competencies and why do they matter? Find out with Hays.

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Skills to keep you employable

Read about the skills needed to thrive in today's modern working environment.

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The importance of upskilling

Find out the benefits of upskilling and how it can serve you well in your chosen job or profession. 

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Career development

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