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Guiding business financial health and performance

From preparing detailed financial reports from the bottom up to creating accurate economic forecasts, a Financial Analyst is a critical player in all things finance-related in an organisation.
Are you a seasoned professional in the financial management space? Do you find satisfaction in working with complex data, extracting insights and delivering reports to influence broader strategic objectives?
You could be a perfect fit for a Financial Analyst role. In Australia, Financial Analysts are in high demand right now. Let us help you find your next opportunity in the space and put your analytical skill set to good use.

Find my next Financial Analyst job in Australia

Suppose you have a track record of performing high-quality financial analysis to benefit an organisation and are comfortable reporting complex findings clearly and concisely. In that case, you are a likely successful candidate for a Financial Analyst position.
The financial health of a business depends on the data surrounding all its finances. It is up to talented Financial Analysts, like yourself, to decipher and report your analysis for forecasting purposes.
Whether you are looking for an entry-level finance role as a Financial Analyst or would like to move up in your career into positions such as a Senior Financial Analyst, we've got you covered.
Get in touch with your nearest Hays office and we will help transition your career to the next level.  Send us your CV or check out our available Financial Analyst jobs.

Your Financial Analyst job questions, answered

What does a Financial Analyst do?

A Financial Analyst is responsible for the financial health of a business by analysing data and preparing detailed reports. Their role also involves forecasting future performance and recommending ways to improve financial stability.

What is in a Financial Analyst's job description?

A Financial Analyst's job description is not simply limited to preparing accurate financial data. It also includes:
  • Calculating, summarising and analysing numerical financial data
  • Identifying trends in the economy and relevant industry
  • Measuring company performance against industry standards
  • Determining budgets for future business activities
  • Using and applying advanced software to gather and report financial data
  • Stakeholder management skills
  • Developing budget plans for potential business endeavours
As part of their job description, Financial Analysts are also expected to communicate their findings clearly and concisely through reports or recommendations.
Financial Analysts do not have an extensive leadership role. Some companies hire junior roles with the expectation of training the candidate into management roles over time.

What skills does a Financial Analyst need to have?

Financial Analysts require strong analytical skills, as well as an ability to present complex findings in a clear and concise manner. They must also work with numbers and be proficient in Microsoft Excel.
Other necessary skills for a Financial Analyst role include:
  • Possessing finance and accounting knowledge
  • Having a deep understanding of financial markets
  • Being well-versed in risk management
  • Understanding internal company operations
Learn more about essential Financial Analyst skills.

What qualifications does a Financial Analyst need?

There is no specific qualification required to become a Financial Analyst; however, most employers will need you to have a degree in finance or economics. Some experience in financial analysis would also be beneficial.

What is the career path for a Financial Analyst?

With experience and the right attitude, a Financial Analyst can work their way to more senior roles such as Financial Managers, Financial Controllers, Chief Financial Officers, or Chief Investment Officers. This may mean performing less of an analysis role and progressing more into management and leadership.

What is the average salary for a Financial Analyst?

The average salary for a Financial Analyst is between AUD $95,000 and AUD $115,000 based on experience. However, a Financial Analyst’s salary varies greatly depending on your location within Australia, with metropolitan areas typically offering higher wages than regional locations.
Furthermore, a Financial Analyst can also progress to various management roles within a business, resulting in a salary increase. For more information on salaries, download the Hays Salary Guide.

What type of employers hire Financial Analysts?

Financial Analysts are typically employed by banks, accounting firms, or large corporate organisations. However, there are also opportunities for self-employment as a freelance Financial Analyst.
Industries that are more likely to hire Financial Analysts include:

What technologies do Financial Analysts use?

Financial Analysts use various software to help with data analysis and data visualisation. This may also include the use of financial modelling software and forecasting tools.
Examples of these tools include:
Financial Analysts are expected to keep up with the latest software to perform their jobs as effectively and efficiently as possible. For example, the latest technological advancements are causing the increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic automation tools in the financial analysis space.

What are some of the challenges faced by Financial Analysts?

Financial Analysts have to be experts in their field, often keeping up with news stories and changes in the economy that may affect a company’s financials.
They must also communicate their findings clearly to management or other staff members. This can be quite challenging for recent graduates who are still learning advanced financial modelling techniques and do not understand how to simplify technical terms and jargon to others.

What is the job outlook for Financial Analysts?

The job outlook for Financial Analysts is positive, with opportunities expected to grow in line with the increasing demand for data analysis skills in businesses.
Financial Analyst jobs are available in all major cities in Australia.

How to become a Financial Analyst in Australia?

There are many ways to become a Financial Analyst in Australia. One way is to complete an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in finance or economics. Alternatively, you could gain experience in the field by working as a junior accountant. You could also look into completing a certification course in financial analysis such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

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