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Do you enjoy the challenge of organising and managing finances? Are you a numbers-oriented individual looking to utilise your skills in Accounts Receivable duties? If so, you’re a step closer to being a suitable candidate for an Accounts Receivable job. Let the team at Hays help connect you with your ideal role.
From processing complex operational transactions to reconciliation with ledgers and banks, the role of an Accounts Receivable professional is vital to every business.
If you possess a keen eye for detail and your talents lie in the management and organisation of business finances such as month-end journals, receipts and cash allocations, we want to connect you with your perfect job.
Make full use of your expertise and let us connect you with your next Accounts Receivable job. Either get in touch with your nearest Hays office, send us your CV or have a look at our available Accounts Receivable jobs in Australia to get started.

What is the role of Accounts Receivable?

Accounts Receivable is the process of managing and tracking money owed to a business by its customers. In many businesses, the main role of an Accounts Receivable (AR) professional is to track payments, identify overdue invoices and establish credit limits for customers.
An Accounts Receivable professional will also secure revenue for the business. Whether you are an Accounts Payable (AP) or AR person, you will play a pivotal role in managing business finances.

What do you do in an Accounts Receivable job?

Your main tasks as an Accounts Receivable professional will include:
  • Balancing the internal books of account
  • Establishing credit limits for customers
  • Processing complex operational transactions
  • Confirming payments from customer accounts
  • Addressing queries regarding invoices
  • Managing Accounts Receivable files
  • Posting receipts
  • Implementing fair credit practices
  • Handling account reconciliations of Accounts Receivable ledger
  • Creating records and producing monthly financial reports
An Accounts Receivable job is all about communication, so it's important you are able to liaise with other departments, customers and suppliers.
Learn more about the responsibilities in a typical Accounts Receivable job description.

What are the most important Accounts Receivable skills?

In order to be successful in an Accounts Receivable role, you'll need to have excellent organisational skills, as well as attention to detail.
Other important skills in Accounts Receivable include:
  • A good understanding of double-entry bookkeeping principles
  • Knowledge of accounting software programs for data entry and financial management purposes
  • A basic understanding of business law and credit principles
The skills required for an Accounts Receivable role will vary depending on the job level. For example, an Accounts Receivable Officer may require entry-level skills, while a Credit Manager will be expected to have honed their accounts receivable skills as well as possess managerial skills to effectively lead the function or a team.
Learn more about essential Accounts Receivable skills.

What qualifications are needed for an Accounts Receivable role?

In order to work in Accounts Receivable, most employers will require you to have a tertiary qualification in business studies, accounting or economics.
Alternatively, if you have several years' experience working in a finance-related role, you may be able to secure an Accounts Receivable job without formal qualifications.
Learn more about important Accounts Receivable qualifications.

How much does an Accounts Receivable professional get paid?

The salary for an Accounts Receivable professional ranges from $56-112k. The cost of living in your area will be a factor in determining your salary, with those living in large cities earning more than those in more remote geographic locations. The job level from entry-level, mid-level to senior will also play a role in determining how much an AR gets paid.
Learn more about the average Accounts Receivable salary in Australia or download the Hays Salary Guide for more salary information.

What technologies do Accounts Receivable professionals use?

Accounts Receivable professionals routinely use the latest software programs for data entry, financial reporting and invoice management, such as:
  • Tally 9
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Oracle Financials
Other accounting software such as MYOB and XERO may also be used. Additionally, you will work with a billing system generating invoices for record-keeping purposes.

What type of employers hire professionals in Accounts Receivable?

Accounts Receivable professionals are not only hired within accounting practices, but right across all sizes and types of organisations, including:
  • Public accounting firms
  • Large commercial enterprises
  • Small to medium-sized businesses
  • Not-for-profit organisations
  • Government departments and agencies
As the Accounts Receivable profession is mostly involved in ensuring payments for goods and services are made, jobs in the field are particularly in demand in the following industries:

What is the job outlook for Accounts Receivable roles?

The job outlook for Accounts Receivable professionals is positive, with many businesses of all different sizes in Australia requiring Accounts Receivable specialists to help manage their internal finances. As such, those with experience and qualifications in Accounts Receivable are likely to secure good job prospects in the years ahead.

How to become an Accounts Receivable professional in Australia?

If you're looking for your next job as an Accounts Receivable professional, the best way to start is by browsing Accounts Receivable jobs online or sending your CV to Hays.
We regularly work with employers who are looking for skilled Accounts Receivable professionals like you. Start your search with Hays today.

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