Accounts Receivable job description

an Accounts Receivable working on his computer in the workplace

What is included in an Accounts Receivable job description?

An Accounts Receivable job description typically includes the following tasks and responsibilities:
  • Calculating, recording, inputting or processing financial data
  • Preparing customer invoices based on accounting procedures
  • Researching and investigating discrepancies in invoices to determine the accuracy of charges
  • Matching payments to invoice numbers or sales orders
  • Handling customer inquiries regarding billing issues
  • Managing an Accounts Receivable ledger and Accounts Receivable files
  • Submitting daily reports to management on accounts receivable operations

What does an Accounts Receivable officer do?

An Accounts Receivable officer is responsible for all financial transactions related to the company's accounts receivable. This generally includes:
  • Maintaining customer accounts
  • Working with a billing system generating invoices
  • Collecting payments
  • Posting receipts in a timely manner
  • Securing revenue
  • Applying fair credit practices
The Accounts Receivable officer plays an important part in any organisation’s accounts department. They ensure that finances are managed effectively and that customers are billed correctly and paid on time.
As part of their Accounts Receivable duties, they also work with other departments within an organisation to ensure that all financial transactions are carried out effectively and efficiently.

What are the duties of an Accounts Receivable officer?

The primary duties of an Accounts Receivable officer are:
  • Processing credit memos and refunds
  • Raising and sending invoices to customers
  • Posting payments to customer accounts
  • Tracking overdue invoices and following up on them
The work required to be executed each day as an Accounts Receivable officer varies depending on the industry, company size, location and department’s needs. A large part of the work is responding to customer queries about billing issues or requests for information from other departments – this could include tasks such as calls from sales representatives who may have problems with a customer not having been billed yet for a service.

What does an Accounts Receivable officer do at work?

An Accounts Receivable officer works in an office or hybrid environment, generally from 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday. They may work longer hours in the event of backlogs or when important deadlines are approaching.
There can be pressure when working under tight project deadlines and it is necessary to be flexible with working additional hours to ensure that deadlines are met. This is particularly common in larger businesses that have 24/7 operations and that span different time zones.

Is an Accounts Receivable role an accounting job?

An Accounts Receivable role is different to the role of an Accountant, but they work closely with accountants on some tasks. They will generally be partially familiar with accounting practices and terminology that is used in their daily duties.
Interested to learn more about Accounts Receivable salaries and the typical Accounts Receivable skills and qualifications required for the role? Visit our Accounts Receivable jobs in Australia page for more information, or browse our list of currently available Accounts Receivable jobs.

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