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HR Administrator skills and qualifications

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What skills does an HR Administrator need?

HR Administrators need a variety of skills and abilities as their role is crucial to the success of an organisation. Essential skills include:
The role can be stressful at times due to the exposure that HR Administrators may face regularly. Therefore, it is vital that an individual has adequate coping mechanisms in stressful situations and can multitask effectively.

What soft skills should an HR Administrator have?

In addition to the technical skills outlined above, an HR Administrator should also have a professional disposition and be customer orientated. Other important soft skills for an HR Administrator include:
  • The ability to manage people effectively in line with organisational policies and procedures
  • The ability to build relationships internally and externally from the organisation
  • Strong ethical beliefs that align with the organisation's objectives

What qualifications does an HR Administrator need?

A formal degree in Human Resources Management is often the preferred route for individuals entering the field. However, there are other routes to consider, including apprenticeships or completion of a diploma or certificate course in HR, which may be completed online or onsite. It is also possible to enter the profession by completing an Advanced Diploma of Business (Human Resource Management).

Do you need to study or go to university to become an HR Administrator?

A formal degree or qualification in Human Resource Management is often the preferred option for individuals entering the field. However, it may not be necessary to complete a degree if you are already an experienced HR Administrator with additional formal external qualifications. Individuals who have completed internships relevant to the field may also become an HR Administrator without being formally educated.

Is there ongoing training for an HR Administrator?

Yes. There are a variety of ways in which HR Administrators may be able to gain further training and continue their professional development:
  • Continuing education and training courses
  • Joining professional associations and networking events
  • Getting advice from senior colleagues within the field to learn more about best practices within the profession
Other professionals such as lawyers, recruitment agencies, or payroll companies can also provide insight into staying up-to-date with changes in employment legislation.

How do you become an HR Administrator and what does the role involve?

HR Administrator is a common designation in the field of human resources. The primary role of an HR Administrator is to handle all the general paperwork for the HR department and any other related duties as assigned by their superior.
In smaller companies, they also handle the hiring process from start to finish while carrying out administrative tasks such as preparing reports, storing records and files and arranging meetings, among other things.
While there are no set educational requirements for this profession, a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration or Management would be a great asset. Any completed and relevant independent courses would also increase the chances of becoming an HR Administrator, such as those available at Hays Learning. Find out more and sign up with Hays Learning now to upskill yourself.

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