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Accounts Payable job description

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What does an Accounts Payable officer do?

An Accounts Payable officer (AP officer) is responsible for several duties and tasks, such as:
  • Processing of payments and financial transactions to suppliers and obtaining goods and services from suppliers promptly
  • Liaising with finance officers and suppliers concerning stock management, financial records and accounts
  • Verifying expense reports and querying invoice items from internal and external business finance officers
  • Reconciling invoices
  • Communicating with the wider Accounts Payable team and comparing system reports to better manage Accounts Payable processes
What an Accounts Payable officer and Accounts Payable clerk does differs from business to business. It would be best to consider the specifics of each role as posted by the hiring organisation.

What are the duties and responsibilities of an Accounts Payable clerk?

The duties and responsibilities of an Accounts Payable clerk can involve:
  • Entering invoices into the accounts payable system
  • Processing payments
  • Filing and maintaining supplier records
  • Checking and verifying invoices
  • Preparing cheques for payment
  • Performing other ad hoc tasks as required by their supervisor

What technology does an Accounts Payable professional use?

An Accounts Payable officer's tools and technology of the trade depend on the employer but typically include:
  • Accounts Payable software: An accounts payable software system contains a variety of functions that includes invoice processing, payments tracking, supplier relationship management (SRM), contract management and electronic banking interfaces. Common software programs include the likes of QuickBooks Online, XERO and SAP.
  • Microsoft Office including Excel & Outlook: Commonly used email and software programs to help Accounts Payable professionals manage their time and responsibilities
The technology an Accounts Payable professional uses are largely dependent on the internal software and systems an organisation chooses. Different businesses may use different accounting software such as MYOB or XERO, meaning software used in one Accounts Payable role may not be used in another.

What's in an Accounts Payable job description?

An Accounts Payable job description may include the details of their work such as managing accounts payable and accounts receivable, an accounts payable salary, job qualifications (such as a high school diploma) and typical job duties.
You can search up a job description template for an Accounts Payable clerk job if you are curious about what is in a typical Accounts Payable job description or browse open Accounts Payable job positions.

What is an example of an Accounts Payable officer's day-to-day job?

Accounts payable officers review invoices for accuracy and ensure compliance with company policies before approving payment. Once other staff members have approved an invoice, it is sent to the Accounts Payable officer where it will be coded according to the relevant chart of account. It will then be double checked for accuracy against the purchase order or contract held by the business before being paid.
The AP officer then processes each transaction through a centralised system that links all accounting departments across an organisation. This ensures that the business' financial records are updated with accurate payment information. The AP officer may then have to create reports from this system for personnel or reconciliation purposes, as well as monitor the accounts payable budget to ensure expenditures do not exceed allocated funds.
Learn more about Accounts Payable Jobs in Australia, Accounts Payable Jobs Skills & Qualifications, Accounts Payable Jobs Salaries, or browse our available Accounts Payable job listings in Australia.

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