Employer tools

Employer tools

Having direct access to employer and recruitment tools can offer reassurance when making recruitment and management decisions in the workplace. With Hays employer toolkit you can download the latest reports to gain the edge on your competitors and keep abreast of trends in the market. This includes the annual Hays Global Skills Index, Upskilling, Staff Engagement reports and much more.

The Hays Global Skills Index, produced in conjunction with Oxford Economics, contains a detailed report examining the global skilled labour market. The Index contextualises the pitfalls employers and hiring managers face as they jostle for the most in-demand skills.

In the Hays Staff Engagement report, we investigate why engagement is important to employers and hiring managers, whilst digging a little deeper in the main body of our report to share practical strategies, covering both intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

For more information on the types of recruiting tools for employers browse the options on this page.

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Hays Barometer Report

Latest insights on workplace mental heath & wellbeing and equality, diversity & inclusion.

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Upskilling Matters report

Keep your workforce relevant and upskilled in the face of rapid change.

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Adapt to a new era of work

A guide to help employers adapt to the new era of work after Covid-19.

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Global Skills Index

A detailed report examining the global skilled labour market which puts into context the challenges employers face.

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SME Talent Guide

For SMEs, our Talent Guide covers all stages of the recruitment lifecycle: planning, the recruitment process and talent management.

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Recruitment Remodelled report

Explore how traditional recruitment has been transformed into the new Find & Engage model combining art and science.

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Staff Engagement report

Practical strategies, covering both intrinsic and extrinsic factors, to improve your organisation’s employee engagement levels.

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Talent Management report

Tips to help you manage, develop, retain and plan talent effectively.

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