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Workplace realities for 2022


COVID-19 and the workplace: implications and opportunities

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally disrupted the world of work around the globe. And the lasting impacts on the future of work could be even more profound. 
As we tentatively learn how to live with COVID-19, businesses and their employees are considering which pandemic-induced changes could be here to stay. 
In this report – Workplace Realities for 2022 – we identify four potential long-term consequences for the future of work. These include the permanent adoption of hybrid working, the potential for borderless jobs, the urgent need to reverse youth and female under-representation in the workforce and the onshoring of jobs. 
Co-authored with Oxford Economics using existing research and data, this report offers an analysis of what these changes mean for the present and the future of the global labour market.
Download your copy of New Workplace Realities for 2022 to learn more about the future work trends post COVID-19.
  • Hybrid working: your optimal work from home policy
  • Borderless jobs: is telemigration in your future?
  • Youth and female under-representation: reversing the COVID-19 impact
  • Onshoring jobs: re-evaluating global supply chains
This report offers business leaders insights to understand how their workforce and workplaces could look in the near future, and what steps they can take to address the challenges and the opportunities that have been created.


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