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Good recruitment doesn’t end the minute a contract is signed. To retain your staff long-term, you need to be well-equipped to deal with a range of management and workplace related issues now and during the road ahead. As an accomplished recruiter across a vast number of industries, Hays is well versed to offer support and guidance for employers and hiring managers in this arena.

Here we provide a broad range of talent management advice to assist in retaining and developing your team, covering a blend of popular themes such as managerial ethics, how to manage on-demand staff and contemporary issues in management for conjecture such as work-life balance, on-the-job training, flexible work arrangements and retention strategies.

In addition to learning about how to handle management issues in your business, as a hiring manager you can also submit one or more job vacancies with the recruiters at Hays.

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Mitigating co-employment risks

Are you managing workers with multiple jobs? Here's our advice on how to mitigate your organisation's risk.

Upskilling for an AI Future report

Discover the strategic and staffing dilemmas that organisations must solve or be left behind by competitors.

Leading people through volatile times

Good leaders have the ability to be comfortable with the uncomfortable, and to thrive in terms of uncertainty. 

Closing the gender pay gap

Discover how you can address the gap if your business is reporting an unacceptable gender pay gap.

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How to reenergise a tired team

Team feeling tired? Finish the year strong by giving them the energy boost they need with these methods.

Recharge your team

Getting your social experience right

Does your organisation offer an environment of trust, collaboration, innovation and belonging?

Getting your 'work' experience right

Are you providing the recognition, flexibility and development opportunities employees seek?

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Your introduction to employee experience

Craft an excellent EX to enhance productivity and keep pace in the race for talent with the global organisations doing it best. 

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Getting your organisation experience right

Ensure that your employees feel safe, enabled and supported to build an excellent employee experience. 

Top tips for managing your multi-generational workforce

Teams with diverse ages and lived experiences can benefit your organisation. Learn how to manage yours. 

Get the most out of your team

Why is organisational purpose important and how can you define it?

With workers looking for deeper meaning in their work, defining your organisational purpose is key to attracting top talent.

Managing your contingent workforce

Learn more about the contingent workforce and the strategies needed in your workforce.

The importance of trust

To establish a foundation of trust, organisations must cultivate a culture of transparency, accountability, and mutual respect.

How to offer career progression

7 simple steps to create a progression plan for your employees.  

Learn more 

Innovative team discussion

How to foster innovative thinking in your team

Get the very best from your team by encouraging creative thinking in the workplace.

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How to improve mental health & wellbeing

How to create a mentally healthy environment in a workplace for employees.

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Equality, diversity & inclusion

11 tips to improve equality, diversity & inclusion in your workplace.

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Clear desk policies

Do you have a clear desk policy in your place of business? Hays can offer the guidance you need.

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How to motivate employees

Advice for managers on how to ensure employees are motivated

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Coaching & on-the-job training

Discover techniques to enhance training and coaching strategies with tips from Hays.

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Effective onboarding

Find out how to onboard new employees successfully and effectively.

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Family-friendly work practices

Learn about integrating family-friendly policies into the workplace in this article.

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Flexible working arrangements

Learn about the benefits and challenges of deploying flexible working arrangements. 

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How to conduct a performance review

Discover the essential framework and criteria for completing employee appraisals successfully.

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How to establish if a manager will succeed

Follow these practical pointers to establish if a potential manager will succeed.

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Retention strategies

How can you increase staff engagement in your workforce? Find out in this article.

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Bridging the digital skills gap

Don’t get left behind during the digital transformation era. Upskill your workforce with these tips.

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Talent management for on-demand staff

Learn how to successfully manage temporary and contract employees in your workplace.

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Talent management planning

Do you know what the secret to talent management planning is? Find out in this guide.

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Unpaid overtime

Is unpaid overtime for your staff a concern? Find out how to tackle this issue with ease.

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Whose responsibility is upskilling?

Upskilling is an integral part of training in the modern workforce. Learn more from Hays.

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A man presenting on a lecturn to his team

Why company values matter

The values of a company can help steer growth effortlessly. Hays explains all in this short guide.

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A man working at home on his laptop

Working from home

Encouraging working from home can lead to increased wellbeing for staff. Learn more online.

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Work-life balance

Find out why work life balance remains a top priority for many modern organisations.

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How to decide who gets a pay rise

Discover the 8 key factors in determining salary increases. 

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