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It’s no secret that recent global challenges have changed the way that we approach work. Digital transformation and the urgent necessity for corporate sustainability are just two areas that have left shortages in skills that we need to address.

With these changes happening at a rapid rate, upskilling the current workforce is a strategy that benefits both workers and employers. So how can both groups work together to ensure everyone succeeds in the future?

Hays and Go1 have produced the Learning Mindset Report, examining survey responses from over 20,000 workers and hiring managers. The report explores the Aptitude, Attitude and Availability toward upskilling that today’s organisations and employees have, and whether their learning mindset is right for the roles of tomorrow.

The research uncovered a disconnect between the two groups when it comes to learning and upskilling. For example, while 83 per cent of workers surveyed showed great enthusiasm for learning new skills, under half of employers believed that their own employees were similarly inclined. But there are solutions that can be taken to ensure that the learning journey for employees is aligned to employers expected outcomes, and to a business’ strategic goals.

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