Benefits of temporary assignments and contracts main

Benefits of temporary assignments and contracts

Temporary workers and contractors are now an integral part of an organisation's workforce strategy.

Many people look for short-term assignments at some point in their working life as it presents many real advantages.

Skills development

Temporary assignments or contract roles offer you a broad depth of opportunities, experience and skills development. You can accept assignments that will broaden your expertise, expose you to new industries and diversify your skills and experience, which will make you a more attractive and employable candidate.

Build your network

During each assignment you’ll meet new professionals in your field. This allows you to build your professional network, which is invaluable when seeking future temporary or contract assignments and permanent roles.

Work/life balance

By working as a temp worker or professional contractor you select what assignments you take on to develop certain skillsets. You can also select assignments that suit your schedule, ultimately allowing you control over your work/life balance.

Strategic timing

Whether you are unsure of your future plans, or want to earn an income whilst deciding your next career move, the short-term nature of temping can take away the need to make long-term decisions immediately.

Flexible hourly, daily or weekly rates

Working on a temporary or contract assignment means you will receive a fair rate in line with market conditions. There is always the flexibility to negotiate your rate according to your level of experience and other market factors. Talk to your recruiting expert who can advise on current market rates for specific roles.

Exposure to a variety of organisations and industries

Almost all employers use temporary workers or contractors in some capacity these days. The reasons for this include to cover periods of annual leave, workload peaks or to deliver specific projects. Hays has preferred supplier agreements in place with many organisations across a variety of industries offering you good exposure to build up your experience.

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