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Maintaining and coordinating effective financial control

From tracking and reporting internal budget changes and business cash flow to managing external auditors for financial assessment matters, a Financial Controller is at the heart of all things finance-related in a business.
Do you enjoy leading budgeting discussions and directing the financial performance of a business? Are you detail-oriented and enjoy working with numbers across balance sheets, cash flow reports and financial analysis?
Then a Financial Controller role may be perfect for you. Let us put your talents and skills to use. 

Find my next Financial Controller job in Australia

If you have extensive experience leveraging KPI analysis to track performance and driving accurate financial reporting across a business, we want to hear from you. Internal business finances always need detailed recording and organisation and without talented Financial Controllers like you to manage them, a business won't find success.

Whether your next ideal role is a contractual one or a full-time permanent position, we can guide you to your next Financial Controller job.

Getting started with us is quick and easy. Simply send us your CV or contact us directly. You can also browse our list of available Financial Controller jobs in Australia.

Your Financial Controller job questions, answered

What does a Financial Controller do?

A Financial Controller is responsible for maintaining effective financial control of a business. This includes overseeing the budgeting process, ensuring accurate financial reporting and managing relationships with auditors. They are also responsible for directing the financial performance of a business.

What technical skills do a Financial Controller need to have?

Some essential technical skills required to be a Financial Controller include experience in KPI analysis, financial reporting and budgeting. A strong understanding of accounting principles is also crucial.
Other vital technical skills a Financial Controller needs to have include:
  • Understanding of financial issues and drivers within a business
  • Managing accounts payable, debtors and creditors
  • Cash flow management, including payment forecasting
  • Ensuring that internal controls are in place to protect against fraud or theft
  • Manage external auditors for financial assessment matters

What soft skills do a Financial Controller need to have?

Some essential soft skills successful Financial Controllers have include:
  • Strong leadership, communication and management skills
  • Detail-orientation paired with a strong ability to organise data and figures
  • Enthusiasm for numbers across financial statements, cash flow reports and budgeting discussions

What qualifications do a Financial Controller need to have?

While there are no specific qualifications to be a Financial Controller, most employers expect you to achieve the equivalent of at least an undergraduate degree. Preferred bachelor's degrees include accounting, finance and banking.

What is in a Financial Controller's job description?

A Financial Controller's job description will vary depending on the size and type of organisation. However, some common responsibilities often include:
  • Overseeing budgeting and forecasting processes to drive financial performance
  • Ensuring appropriate internal controls are in place to protect against fraud or theft
  • Directing external auditors for financial assessment matters
  • Analyse financial information and report on the findings
Learn more about what to expect in a Financial Controller job description. 

Are there lots of Financial Controller jobs available right now?

There's a lot of demand for talented Financial Controllers right now in Australia. The number of job listings available that ask for the skills and qualifications being offered by experienced candidates is on the rise – meaning there are more opportunities out there than ever before.

What can I do to improve my chances of finding a Financial Controller job?

A strong CV will significantly increase your chances of finding work as a Financial Controller, so spend time honing yours to give yourself the best possible chance. It would help if you also had references available to round out your application – these could be former employers or others you've worked alongside previously.
We can also help you find a Financial Controller job by connecting you with opportunities across Australia.

What is the career path of a Financial Controller?

The most common career path for a Financial Controller is to first work as an accountant and then progress into management. It is certainly possible to move into the role from another industry – with previous experience in retail or manufacturing being particularly beneficial – but it is not always a seamless entry.

What is the average salary for a Financial Controller in Australia?

TThe average annual salary for a Financial Controller in Australia is between $112,000 and $265,000 per year. Large organisations also tend to pay more than smaller businesses.
Learn more about the average Financial Controller salary in Australia.

What type of employers hire Financial Controllers?

Financial Controllers tend to find employment with large organisations in both the private and public sectors. Prevalent industries hiring for Financial Controllers include:
  • Professional services such as Chartered Accountants
  • Construction companies, such as architects and engineers
  • IT firms, such as software developers and ICT support specialists

What technologies do Financial Controllers use?

Financial Controllers use a variety of technologies to help them do their job, including:
  • Microsoft Excel for data analysis and budgeting
  • Microsoft Outlook for email and calendar management
  • SAP software for financial reporting
  • QuickBooks for invoicing and bookkeeping
Financial Controllers may also use advanced accounting software to help with gathering and tracking financial data.

How to become a Financial Controller in Australia?

To become a Financial Controller, you will usually need to complete at least an undergraduate degree in accounting, finance, or banking. This is the minimum requirement for most employers and qualifies you to apply for Australian Certified Management Accountant (ACMA) status after three years of working as a Financial Controller.
As with any profession, it takes time and effort to acquire the skills and knowledge required by employers. The more experience and qualifications you have under your belt, the higher your chances of finding employment as a Financial Controller.
For those without prior experience, entry-level roles may be available but with lower salaries than senior positions with proven track records of strong financial performance. Also, joining relevant professional associations such as CPA Australia may help connect you with Financial Controller job opportunities.

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