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Hays Journal is a bi-annual publication providing insight and news for HR, recruitment professionals and hiring managers on the ever-changing world of work. Issue 14 is out now.

Journal - issue 14  

Hays Journal 14
Intelligent Thinking

How AI and Chatbots could revolutionise HR

Workplace 2 

In the Workplace

While automation is nothing new, Chatbots and the use of AI for internal communication is definitely on the rise and though they can streamline many processes, these technologies also bring challenges.

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Tricks of the trade

Is Playtime Over?

Having a cool, quirky office has been a badge of honour for many companies in recent years. We are now in an era of open plan floors with ping pong tables in the foyer. But is this really what employees want?

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Shaking Things Up

It’s no secret that mergers and acquisitions are though to make a success of. Setting the people agenda as a priority will bring out the full potential and value of staff during this challenging time.

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The Big Idea

The Burnout Conundrum

There is a growing epidemic of employee burnout for many businesses. But what is causing this and how can we organisations do more to counteract it?

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