Would your job search benefit from an online portfolio?

Would your job search benefit from an online portfolio?

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Should you create a website to profile your work when job hunting? It’s a question we are increasingly asked by jobseekers, and the simple answer is that it depends on your industry.

Creating a website allows you to showcase digital examples of your work, which naturally suggests this approach is best suited to candidates looking for a job in a creative industry such as video production, graphic design or journalism.

If you do create a website for job hunting purposes, make sure you keep every aspect of it professional. Remember it needs to showcase your professional side not your personal life. Do not blur the two. Just like your CV, cover letter and online profile, a website for job hunting purposes must be professional. So keep personal photos and comments from friends off your site, and keep your language professional too.

We also suggest you profile the strongest examples of your work. After all, this is your chance to demonstrate what you can do and what you can offer an employer, so be sure you stand out for the right reasons.

Outside the creative industries, employers rarely request or expect an applicant to have their own website. Instead, it is more important to have a LinkedIn profile, connect with companies, recruiters and industry leaders, and be active in LinkedIn groups by liking, sharing and posting content relevant to your profession.

Of course you can also use your LinkedIn profile to showcase examples of your work and achievements.

A word on social media

When you’re job searching it’s also important to adjust your security settings on your personal social media so only your private network can see your updates. It’s also a good idea to check privacy settings regularly so you know what’s going public in your name.

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