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Why work with a recruitment agency

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In an age of AI-powered job boards and professional social media, it can be tempting to go it alone on the job search, however you could be missing out on a whole load of opportunities. Employers typically use a wide range of methods to find the workers they need, but the numbers who don’t advertise jobs are startling. Almost 20 per cent of jobs are not advertised, nearly one-third use word of mouth to promote their positions and almost a quarter use social media and these numbers are even higher when looking for new staff in regional areas . By partnering with one of our recruitment consultants, you can tap into a whole range of jobs that you might not even realise exist.

Expertise and industry knowledge

Recruitment consultants often specialise in specific industries or job functions – they have an in-depth understanding of the current market dynamics, keys plays and specific skill sets required. This knowledge means they are perfectly placed to match your skills and career aspirations with opportunities. As experts in their fields, they can also offer valuable career advice, and guide you towards roles that best fit your experience and professional goals. 

Access to a hidden job market

As mentioned, not all jobs are advertised. Our consultants have invested many hours in building relationships with employers and hiring managers so that when they are on the lookout for talent, they turn to us. We work directly with hiring managers and so are often the first to know about new opening, often before the role is formally listed.

Save time

Searching for a new role that really appeals to you and your ambitions can be incredibly time consuming and involve hours of searching through job boards, writing tailored cover letters and filling out applications. Our recruitment consultants can save you considerable time by taking care of a lot of this legwork. Once they’ve met with you to better understand your skills, experience and what you’re looking for, they can directly match you with suitable vacancies.

CV and Interview coaching

A CV that cuts through the noise, and a resume that reflects modern recruitment methods are both essential in getting that all important phone call. Our recruitment consultants have worked with hundreds of other job seekers so understand what your application needs to show to get the job that you want. As they work so closely with the hiring managers, consultants can also offer insider information on the company culture and the interview process for each organisation. This means they are perfectly placed to help you prepare effectively to make a good impression during the interview stage. They are then able to share any feedback from the manager on how they felt the interview went and keep you updated on the progress of your application.

Negotiation assistance

Negotiating a job offer can be stressful and awkward. Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of what the current market rates are for any given role and offer advice on what you could reasonably expect given your experience and the role on offer. They can negotiate on your behalf, without jeopardising the offer, the ensure you get a competitive offer that reflects your worth.

Support through the process

The job-seeking process can be a long, lonely and, at times, disheartening journey so having someone cheering from your corner can be the invaluable support you need to keep going. From the initial consultations to offer negotiations and even once you’ve started your new role, your recruitment consultant will be there to provide guidance, feedback and support.

Your lifelong career partner

Beyond just securing your next role, your consultant can be a valuable partner in your long-term career planning. They can offer you insights into industry trends, emerging skills requirements so you can keep your capabilities up to date and career development opportunities. As your lifelong career partner, your consultant can assist you in strategically planning your career path and keeping you in a position where you’re ready to take advantage of the best opportunities in your field. 
While some recruitment agencies just want to fill positions and move on, we are passionate about building lifelong partnerships with our clients and candidates, and our knowledge, understanding and ability to innovate enables us to match the right person to the right job. We believe this is fundamental to improving lives and allows people to achieve their career ambitions.  

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