Working with a recruitment consultant to find a job

Benefits of working with a recruiter to find a job

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Partnering with one of our consultants empowers you to succeed by promoting your strengths and expertise to potential employers throughout the entire hiring process.

We’re passionate about helping you make the right decisions for tomorrow, so it’s important to know how you can benefit from this partnership.

A good recruiter can provide information on current open jobs, future opportunities, salary ranges and the company culture of positions within your specific industry.

Benefits of working with a recruitment consultant for your job search

Hays’ consultants have invested many hours in building relationships with employers and hiring managers so that when they are on the lookout for talent, they turn to us. We work hard to be able to offer roles that challenge and excite the job seeker, as well as offering workplace solutions that benefit clients. 
We’re committed to understanding our clients and creating lifelong partnerships, so as well as promoting you to potential employers, we can advise you on what it’s like to work at the organisation you’re applying for and the type of questions you are likely to be asked in the interview.
We leverage the deep insights we gain through our connections to offer in-depth knowledge on industry salary expectations of a role and we can also provide advice on what you can do in order to secure higher remuneration.
Your social media presence can play a vital role in your job search and we can advise you on how to better your online profile in order to make a good impression on a prospective hiring manager. In addition, our unique relationship with LinkedIn allows us to further access the platform so that we can connect millions of job candidates globally with relevant job opportunities, materials and employment-related content. This can be of great value when it comes to your career advancement. and achieving your professional goals.
As the first recruitment company to reach over one million followers on LinkedIn, and now boasting over 5.6 million, the connections of our followers ensure we reach more organisations and employers than any other recruiter. Our presence as the most followed recruiter on LinkedIn includes professional groups offering industry insights, insider knowledge and expert advice to job seekers, so you can join one of our groups for the latest relevant updates.
This is also important since not all job openings are advertised through online platforms, and therefore our proactive consultants are regularly made aware of available roles for you through our networks. Having access to this information will help you discover these hidden opportunities.
It is the agency recruiters job to build partnerships that benefit both the employer and potential employees. We provide a shortlist of qualified candidates who fill the skill gap the company needs to fill. If a particular role isn’t the right fit for you, we will put you forward for other positions. We will keep in contact with you to ensure that when the next relevant position becomes available, we’ll let you know.
Your consultant is always available to give you feedback on your job interview technique and resume layout to increase your chances of success. It is our role to ensure you have all the information you need and to help clarify the job description and the more obtuse job titles, so you can then make a decision on whether you can see yourself in the role. Hiring managers are always keen to understand how you thought your interview went, so provide feedback to your consultant after.
If you end up being unsuccessful, we will also be able to provide feedback directly from the prospective employers to build on your knowledge base, ensuring you’re ready for the next role that comes along.. In the event that you’re successful, we will work for you to negotiate and secure the package you are after, without jeopardising the job offer.

Developing a partnership

We are there to guide and assist you and the better we understand your career objectives the more likely we are to be able to help you achieve them. Therefore, we want to collaborate with you to get the best results possible.
Tell the recruiter your preferred method of communication and keep in contact with us so we can understand which jobs appeal to you, and which ones you’d rather not apply for. Never attend an interview to make us happy – go because you can see yourself in the position. Being clear about which roles work for you and which don’t saves everyone time. If you are in a temporary assignment, let us know how to contact you. Also let us know if you are nearing the end of role.
Through building a trusting relationship we can tell your story to potential companies and will advise you of every job opening before your resume is submitted (unless you have agreed otherwise). You can also rest assured that if you are currently employed, your employer will not be able to see that you are actively looking for roles. No reference check would be taken up with them until you advise us that we are able to do so.
If you’re not sure about leaving your current position, we are more than happy to chat with you and discuss trends, and types of roles currently available. Simply request a discussion and we can assist you in determining whether there is an opportunity for you to look towards your next job.
While many recruitment agencies just want to fill positions and move on, we are passionate about building lifelong partnerships with our clients and candidates, and our knowledge, understanding and ability to innovate enables us to match the right person to the right job. We believe this is fundamental to improving lives and allows people to be all they can be. We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your full potential.

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