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2023 will be remembered as the tipping point for AI, and 2024 will see exponential growth. Many industry leaders predict that businesses who ignore the capabilities of AI will lag behind and ultimately fail. But incorporating the technology isn’t enough – the workforce needs to be trained for this paradigm shift.  
In this report on upskilling for AI, we look at the strategic and staffing dilemmas that organisations are facing, and the steps they need to take to be ready for the age of AI. From the hands-on programmers and developers to the managers and leaders who will set the agenda, everybody will need to upskill in certain ways.  
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  • The huge impact AI is making on all industries.   
  • Why you can’t afford to ignore the capabilities of AI.   
  • The biggest issues facing businesses as they race to catch up.   
  • Six steps organisations need to take to prepare their workforce.  
  • The skills that will become more in demand than ever in an AI world. 
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