Mobile plant equipment

Mobile plant equipment

Mobile plant is equipment powered by an engine and operated by a licensed and competent operator in the manner in which it was designed for use. Mobile plant may be found in warehousing and manufacturing environments, building sites, mines, railways and civil construction sites. For the purpose of this discussion mobile plant does not include hand held or manually operated equipment such as a pallet jack.

Examples of mobile plant

Mobile plant temporary workers use, or can be exposed to include forklift trucks, stock order pickers, mobile cranes, earthmoving equipment, cherry pickers, elevated work platforms, light and heavy vehicles. Prior to operating any of the mobile plant you must be licensed and competent to do so. If you do not hold a current licence or certificate of competency you must not operate any mobile plant. 

Even if you are licensed and competent to operate mobile plant, only do so if you:

Have been advised by Hays to do so
Hays has a duty to identify, assess and control risks to your health and safety. We undertake an assessment of each job as directed by the client. If the client asks you to complete different duties or asks you to work at a different site, you may be exposed to an increased risk to health and safety.

Have received specific training by the client to use mobile plant
You may be licensed and competent to operate plant but equipment and site rules often vary between sites. Prior to operating you must know the site rules, understand safe work practices and follow these procedures. A client may also ask that you demonstrate the use of equipment to assess your ability to operate equipment safely.

Safe operation of mobile plant

Prior to operating mobile plant you must ensure:

  • A pre-commencement check is completed
  • Any defects identified are reported to the client and fixed before plant is used
  • You run through the controls, alarms, emergency brakes and operating instructions
  • You are familiar with the environment you are operating plant in. Consider speed limits, shared zones, communication procedures and the environment (indoors or outdoors, uneven, sloped, wet/dry)
  • Restraint devices, if fitted, are used

It is expected that you report a request to use plant you are not licensed to operate.

How to report

Do not think because you may be new on site that you should not report a hazard on site.

To report a hazard, please contact the Health and Safety team at Hays, they can be contacted 1800 786 057. You can also report a hazard by speaking to your consultant. If you would like to maintain confidentiality please contact the OHS Team on the 1800 number. We will take all necessary steps to ensure that your identity is not divulged to the client.