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Hazardous substances risk control for temps and contractors

Hazardous Substances Health and Safety
A hazardous substance is a substance that has the potential to harm a person’s health or safety. Many products and substances used in the workplace, if not handled correctly, could cause:
  • Serious personal injury
  • Environmental damage
  • Equipment damage
  • Loss of production
  • A negative public image
  • Injury to work colleagues
  • Injury to the public
Accidents involving the use of hazardous substances commonly occur because the health hazards or the safe handling precautions. are unknown meaning that If a mishap does occur the outcome can be worse, if:
  • Correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is not being worn
  • Required first aid procedures are unknown
  • Correct emergency procedures are unknown

Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data (SDS's)provides critical and detailed hazard information and usage precautions providing information on:
  • Physical and chemical properties
  • Health hazards
  • Precautions for use
  • Safe handling information
  • Emergency procedures
  • First aid procedures 
  • Information to aid medical and emergency response personnel
  • Environmental risk control Hazardous Substances Responsibilities


Before supplying a product or substance for use at a workplace, manufactures and suppliers have a legal responsibility to determine whether it is a health hazard. If a product or substance is hazardous to health, the supplier must: 
  • Label each container with a warning
  • Develop, keep up to date, and provide an SDS Employer
Employers must keep and maintain a Hazardous Substances Register for each substance used or produced in the workplace. They must also make sure there is an accompanying SDS for each substance. The register needs to be readily accessible to those employees who have the potential to be exposed to hazardous substances.


Employees must use the Hazardous Substance Register and the SDS’s as a source of information to ensure that whenever they handle hazardous substances, they manage the risk correctly.

How to report a Health & Safety issue or concern 

Do not think because you may be new on site that you should not report a hazard. To report any health & safety concern or hazard please contact the Hays Health and Safety team by calling:

Freecall Australia: 1800 786 057 
Freecall New Zealand: 0800 562 669 (select option 4)
Alternatively, if you prefer you can also report this by speaking to your Hays consultant. Hays will always work to ensure that your safety comes first and so and will take the necessary steps required to safeguard this. All calls are confidential, your identity will not be divulged without your specific prior consent.

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