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January – June 2018

Hotspots of skills in demand

Highly-skilled office support professionals will remain in demand in Australia’s buoyant job market during the first half of 2018. However while specialist candidates are sought, there is a supply shortage.

This is particularly evident for hybrid candidates, who are in increasing demand from employers. For example, cross-skilled Receptionists who can perform PA duties or PAs who can assist with marketing duties. Such requests are especially high in the SME market. However such skill sets are rarely complementary and therefore suitable candidates are in short supply.

We also expect to see ongoing demand for candidates from a similar industry background. For example, banks seek candidates from financial backgrounds, law firms want candidates with legal experience and the public sector wants people with the relevant public sector background (such as government, for example). Such candidates often receive a higher rate or salary, particularly if they have come from a competitor.

Executive Assistants with strong experience that includes taking minutes in board meetings, diary management and executive and senior management support will be in high demand. EAs are sought for both temporary and permanent positions; the former are often the result of restructures. In the public sector, there is also demand for EAs with a valid security clearance.

Personal Assistants will be needed too. Candidates must be able to provide project support.

Receptionists will remain an ongoing area of demand. Many people consider this an entry-level role that they will fill for a period of time before moving on. Consequently career Receptionists who can commit to the role long-term are in demand.

Skilled all-round Administrators will continue to be sought. To be successful, candidates must have the relevant industry or public sector experience, minute taking and data entry abilities and strong systems skills, including a high level of proficiency with Word and Excel. They must also be willing to assist a team with anything from database management to customer service, invoicing to PO creation.

We have also started to see growing demand for Client Service Officers with accounts and or finance program experience and expertise. This can be a very challenging position, dealing with high volume conflict resolution, and is in demand in both the public and private sectors.

HSEQ Administrators will be needed in the construction industry. This will be in response to the active construction market and shortage of candidates with both a Certificate IV in OHS and administration experience.

Document Controllers will also be sought in the construction industry to help with rising activity and workload backlogs, as will Site Systems Administrators with relevant systems experience.

High-end and experienced Legal Secretaries will be in increasing demand.

Medical Secretaries are regularly sought too, however most people who have previous experience want to advance to a new role.

The public sector also requires Records Officers in response to the relocation of departments, restructures and streamlining.

TRIM Administrators will be needed, however only people who have worked previously in the public sector possess TRIM expertise, which reduces supply.

We’re also seeing a need for temporary candidates with systems experience in Lotus Notes, a management information base (MIB) and Oracle.

Scribe services will continue to be sought by the government sector, while we expect an increase in the number of requests for other unbundled services.

Registrars are another area of need, however there is a shortage of candidates with in-depth knowledge.

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