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Resources & Mining

July – September 2016


In South Australia the mining sector is remaining quiet due to low commodities prices. Some bigger miners are bringing all their service in-house and are using contract staff for project work. We do however expect more attractive mining positions to become available in the July to September quarter.

In Queensland employers are focusing on a temporary workforce due to industry uncertainty. Temporary pay rates have dropped and are now in line with the permanent workforce, who have also seen salaries decrease.

In the Bowen Basin region local DIDO experienced candidates are in demand, as are local candidates in the area of Blackwater and surrounds when no accommodation is provided. A good level of jobs and candidates are available.

In Western Australia lithium mine sites are opening and creating job opportunities at all levels and areas within mining. Gold is still the commodity where most vacancy activity is occurring as new gold mine sites open and ramp up.

Candidate levels remain the same and roles are still predominantly temporary.

Hotspots of demand

In South Australia Mechanical Engineers with project development experience are in demand, as are Reliability Engineers and Rubber Liners.

In Queensland, Analysis professionals are in high demand as employers look for cost improvements across all aspects of their business.

Study Managers are also sought to look closely at new developments and current projects.
Construction Managers are needed too as employers start to commence new developments.

Shutdown Fitters and Shutdown Boilermakers are in demand as well. With no long-term vacancies, candidates are needed who can be ready for immediate starts.

Industrial Tilers are also sought for short-term projects within the Bowen Basin. Tilers local to Mackay are in short supply and so employers are extending opportunities to Tilers in other regional areas.

In Western Australia Engineers with skills that crossover into IT are sought as larger mines move towards further automation. These candidates are rare. They could come from a background in IT with mining operations exposure, or they could have a mining background and then moved into an IT position. In order to gain such experience candidates usually put their hand up for internal opportunities within their current employer.

Mine Engineers are also needed as mine owners complete upgrades to improve production levels.

Mine Geologists are in demand too since improved grade control increases revenue with the current ore bodies.

Mobile Plant Operators, specifically DTOs and excavators, are sought as iron ore mine sites ramp up and produce more ore to compensate for the lower commodity price.

UG Service Crew and Operators are also needed. Gold mine sites are developing and increasing due to the strong commodity price and therefore require more operators and support staff for the UG operations.

Candidate trends

There have been few changes to candidate trends. Candidates continue to move interstate if necessary to secure work. Long-term contracts or permanent positions are valued. Candidates will take a short-term contract, but if a longer contract or permanent position becomes available they will leave their current assignment for it.

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