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January - March 2017


There is continued demand in both the high and low density residential property market in the eastern states. Commercial property activity is also positive in CBD and other main commercial centres.

Businesses are starting to trust that the green shoots are here to stay and are willing to invest in the headcount required for growth this year. Some are starting to omit the criteria for niche skills and are instead looking for well-rounded project experience. Soft skills remain important and employers are looking for candidates who can fit in with colleagues and not rock the boat.

The government is activating a number of major property portfolios, which is creating demand for property professionals for contract roles.

A number of traditionally residential, built-form developers are switching their attention to land development projects. We are seeing more projects requiring Development Managers, which is creating fierce competition for candidates. Employers are starting to welcome candidates from interstate.

Hotspots of demand

Development Managers are in demand in New South Wales and Victoria since there are more projects than available candidates. In addition, continued Chinese investment in high-rise apartments has created demand for development professionals with strong local networks.

Business Development Managers for soft services are needed by companies from southern states looking to develop their footprint in Queensland.

Meanwhile Business Development Managers are also needed in other states, along with Residential Property Managers, to grow the rental side of businesses. However turnover in this role remains high.

Residential Property Managers are needed in South Australia too. Employers want candidates who are already licensed as the requirement to have qualified property managers is due to start from mid-2017. Permanent staff are preferred as a portfolio can normally be managed by an administrator for a short period of time.

Client-Side Project Managers are needed in New South Wales and Queensland due to increased government spending in both these areas as well as for universities competing with the US and Asia. Victoria meanwhile needs Project Managers due to the amount of new apartments on the rental market and the increasing number of projects still getting through planning.

There is high demand for Commercial Leasing Executives due to the lack of candidate movement in the market.

Finally, Valuers are needed in South Australia where the state government has changed the way property is valued. They’re also needed in Victoria in response to lower interest rates and the residential property boom.

Jobseeker trends

Candidates are asking more questions about an employer and interview techniques to stand out and increase their chance of securing a role.

In South Australia, candidates are returning to Adelaide to raise their children with the help of their own parents in order to continue working. Cultural fit and workplace flexibility are important factors for these candidates.