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July – September 2016


Good levels of recruitment activity will be seen this quarter, particularly in states with a strong residential market. Experienced Property Managers remain in very high demand, as do Strata Managers due to new apartment projects around Australia. Population growth and overseas investors are playing a major role in residential vacancy activity.

The large number of residential developments being constructed along growth corridors is expected to generate increasing recruitment activity for Development Managers, Sales and Leasing professionals and Property Management candidates, including more bilingual candidates.

The commercial properly market is also busy in many locations thanks to an Australian dollar that remains favourable to tourism from overseas as well as rising domestic holidays, the development of new and existing retail centres around Australia and the arrival of international brands into the domestic market. This will result in more roles for Development Managers, Centre Managers, Tenancy and Leasing Coordinators.

In general, strong candidates with skills in demand are in short supply and often receive several offers. Therefore employers need to stand out in order to secure the interest of the top talent.

Hotspots of demand

Residential Property Managers are in very high demand, especially those who can grow a business. However salaries are low and are not attracting the interest of enough candidates to meet demand given the increasing number of properties on the rental market. In addition, there is a growing disconnect between candidate and employer salary expectations. Candidates have become more transient as they know they are in demand and are more likely to look for more attractive roles.

Sales Consultants are also sought for high-rise residential developments following the increase in these projects fuelled by cheaper borrowing costs.

Property Development Managers are needed for infill and urban renewal projects, rather than for historical Greenfields land development.

Business Development Managers are needed too for new residential property listings.

Real Estate Sales Agents are also sought, particularly for commission-only roles.

Commercial Property Managers are needed too. As is the case for Residential Property Managers, candidates are more transient and will move for a more attractive offer elsewhere.

Leasing Executives are in short supply. People tend not to remain in this role long-term, yet good candidates are in high demand.

Retail Centre Managers are also sought, but again there is a low level of experienced candidates. These professionals are often under a lot of pressure and work long hours.

Project Managers are sought as organisations upgrade properties and plan projects.

Asset Managers are also needed. Increased retail development and increasingly demanding commercial clients that require a higher level of service have led to this demand.

Candidate trends

With more roles to choose from, the salary expectations of candidates are increasing. Candidates are also doing their research and are more aware of the top employers to work for. They are also asking us for detailed information about an employer, including the working environment, conditions and culture, before they will consider a role.

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