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Policy & Strategy

October - December 2016


One of the biggest trends continues to be the availability of strategic temporary and contract vacancies thanks to new projects. Even though permanent candidates are preferred by many employers, the lengthy recruitment process means that contractors are needed to assist until a permanent candidate can commence.

Having said that, employers are starting to move faster through their recruitment process and are more focused on the skills of candidates rather than specific subject matter knowledge.

Hotspots of demand

Senior Policy Officers and Senior Program Managers are in high demand due to a number of significant changes within the public sector and the need for legislative review and research.

Policy Officers are also sought for impending changes to legislation.

Once the policies have been developed and strategised, Project Officers will be needed to implement them. Senior Project Officers are needed too. Grant funding has created temporary roles for skilled individuals who are able to research, write, communicate, engage external parties and keep momentum flowing within a project environment.

Grant Funding Officers with grants administration, briefing and report writing skills will also be sought to assist on a temporary basis, given the project nature of the market.

Grant Officers are also sought. With the distribution of funds to payroll various projects, employers need Grant Officers to analyse who should receive the funding and to monitor their progress and milestones.

Executive Officers are also in demand. Employers want candidates who can support the committees that are making policy and project decisions.

Secretariats are needed to give high level advice to the committees.

Candidate trends

Flexibility has become a very strong motivator for candidates. If they are able to carry out their role without being tied to a desk then they are very motivated and engaged.

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