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Oil & Gas

July – September 2016


Vacancy activity in South Australia remains low in response to a lack of projects. Most organisations remain in cost-saving mode, with OEMs closing their South Australian branches and moving it interstate or overseas.

Those employers who are hiring look for individual who are well connected within the industry and can bring in business. Most recruitment activity is on a contract basis, however we expect to see a slight improvement in permanent positions in the 2nd quarter of this new financial year.

In Western Australia the lower commodity price has affected the flow of capital into new projects causing the industry to move into the operations and maintenance phase. Recently with the price uplift the market is starting to slowly rise and some positivity is being cast on the industry.

Employers are looking for candidates with specific Western Australia experience and those without oil and gas industry experience will not be considered. The majority of recruitment is on a contract basis.

Hotspots of demand

Reliability Engineers are sought in South Australia, as are Business Development Managers and Terminal Engineers.

In Western Australia Mechanical and Electrical Trades are needed as employers elect to repair rather than replace materials.

Planners and Project Managers are in more demand in response to an increasing number of shutdowns.

Candidate trends

In South Australia most candidates have relocated interstate in order to look for employment.

In Western Australia redundancies are still taking place and there is an abundance of strong candidates on the market as well as a large number of over qualified candidates willing to take a number of steps back in their career in order to secure a role.

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