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Life Sciences

April - June 2017

Trends and Hotspots of demand

There is a consistent and strong demand for experienced Medical Science Liaisons across all therapy areas. The number of vacancies has increased recently as it’s harder for sales representatives to get in front of specialists; a MSL however is afforded more access and more time with KOLs as they see the value in receiving the latest scientific information.

We are also seeing demand for entry level MSL professionals. Organisation differ in terms of what`s important in candidates for this position. While most employers favour advanced training, such as PhD, PharmD or MSc, others look for subject matter expertise in a particular therapy area. Still others place emphasis on strong commercial experience. There is a high number of job applications at the entry level; this is a highly competitive space and we are seeing large differences in the quality of applications. Key at this entry level is having a good understanding of what the role is, as well as being able to articulate how your experience aligns to that required in the role.

Given the growth in MSL teams, over the last six months we`ve also seen an increase in the introduction of MSL Manager roles to manage growing teams.

CRA’s continue to be the most in demand skill, however we are seeing an increase in project management positions in start up companies too. SME’s and start up life sciences companies are working closely together to collaborate and pool resources.

As medical technology becomes a bigger business we also see involvement from major universities and thought leaders across Australia.

A growing trend is investigator-led studies that require candidates with commercial experience in research institutes and clinical research sites. Coordinators/Managers are needed from a hospital background to enhance the productivity of the site and drive recruitment and sponsor interest.

Demand is high for Senior Regulatory Affairs Associates within pharma and medical devices, mostly in Sydney. Within medical devices there is a shortage of skills in the registration of higher class devices. There is also a growing need for temporary staff and consultants across associate and senior roles in both areas.

The most sought after roles are within innovator companies with a large percentage of regulatory affairs professionals striving to be involved with the registration of new chemical entities.

More temporary roles are available than permanent in the quality assurance sector, mostly within commercial quality rather than manufacturing. This is due to instability created by mergers and acquisitions within the industry.

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