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Facilities Management

April - June 2017


This quarter is similar to the first of the calendar year in that the focus remains on recruiting professionals on a temporary basis. In the eastern states, candidates are still offered extensions or a permanent role at the end of their contract if they have proven to be the right fit.

Within the private sector, the focus remains on a candidate’s soft skill, with employers looking for people who can manage stakeholders effectively. Depending on the nature of the site, we’re even seeing instances of employers training candidates in any particular technical skills they may lack if they are otherwise the right fit for their business.

Given FMs skill shortage in the eastern states, especially NSW, sponsorship continues to be seen.

In the Northern Territory, utility workers in soft service companies operating on FIFO mine sites have had their hours reduced.

The focus on diversity remains with employers requesting Indigenous workers.

Candidates in Western Australia continue to be attracted to roles in the eastern states. 

Hotspots of demand

Residential Building Managers remain in high demand in eastern states as more high-rise residential projects are completed.

Facilities Coordinators are still needed, with companies willing to train candidates who are otherwise the right fit.

Project Managers are in demand in companies with larger CAPEX budgets. Candidates need sound technical and soft skills; typically candidates possess strong technical skills but lack soft skills. Conversely, candidates who have strong soft skills don't always have the technical aptitude to complete FM project roles.

Commercial Facilities Managers are needed too. With large corporate companies moving towards outsourcing, service providers are demanding commercially astute FMs to manage the accounts.

Essential Services Managers are also sought for temporary roles.

As we see in the eastern states, South Australia needs Facilities Coordinators too. Qualified Grounds and Horticulture candidates are also sought.

Chefs are in continuous demand in the Northern Territory. The local shortage means we are recruiting from interstate and offering FIFO assignments.

In Western Australia Maintenance Planners with experience maintenance planning for camps or facilities remain in high demand but short supply.

We’re also seeing an ongoing need for Aged Care Village Managers. There is a very shallow pool of candidates with aged care or retirement living experience. Demand is only expected to increase in the years ahead.

As always, candidates with BMS programming and commissioning experience and qualifications are in demand. These highly skilled workers can program automated controls systems in buildings, and there is a shortage of suitable candidates.

Finally, Maintenance Plumbers with backflow experience are sought for hospitals. Backflow prevention is key with all toilet and sewage systems and testing taken out periodically.

Jobseeker trends

Jobseekers are open to temporary and shorter-term roles, and will work hard to impress in order to secure a permanent role.

How to get a job in 2017

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