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Contact Centres

October - December 2016


We are seeing good levels of vacancy activity across Australia’s contact centre sector. Both commercial and government contact centres are growing, candidates are changing roles and skills are in demand.

As our 2016 Hays Salary Guide, released in June, showed, contact centre salaries have remained stable. However with rising demand for staff, and employers already competing to secure the top talent, we expect to see increases by early 2017.

We continue to see larger companies using assessment centres for high volume recruitment. This approach offers immediate insight into the personality of candidates, their ability to work as part of a team and whether they fit the company culture. By also including one-on-one interviews in the assessment centre process, employers are able to make rapid, and even same day hiring decisions – a huge advantage when trying to secure top talent.

As contact centres have a high staff turnover rate it is very important to make sure candidates fit the culture of the team. We find that a cohesive team reduces burnout and turnover.

Temporary-to-permanent recruitment remains a preference for many employers, however candidate levels have decreased and it is more challenging to find quality candidates.

In a localised trend, in Canberra we are seeing a boom in contact centres recruitment within Federal Government since this is an election year. Temporary contractors are preferred as employers see the benefits in only paying for the hours worked and utilising a roster that ensures peak periods are covered without remaining overstaffed when the workload tapers off.

Hotspots of demand

Telemarketers are in high demand. With improved economic conditions, companies are more focused on growing their sales teams to win new business. Phone-based sales candidates are required, yet there is a shortage of suitable candidates.

Inbound Customer Service candidates are also sought, again to help win new business and retain existing customers. However there is a shortage of quality candidates.

Outbound Sales Team Leaders are needed too, again due to the focus on growing sales teams and winning new business.

We are also seeing demand for Appointment Setters to support the sales team.

Contact Centre Team Leaders are another area of high demand but short supply.

In Canberra we are seeing high demand for Contact Centre Operators, Customer Service Officers and Team Leaders in response to the upcoming election within Federal Government.

Candidate trends

With skills in such high demand, candidates have more choice and so evaluate a job offer based not only on salary but also on whether the prospective job offers development, career advancement, a competitive bonus structure and flexible hours.

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