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Contact Centres

July - September 2017


Recruitment for contact centres continues to grow and strengthen, with particular demand evident for outbound sales and telesales experts as well as customer service managers.

When they recruit, more organisations tell us they want candidates with customer service experience from a retail or hospitality background, since their salary expectations are lower. However jobseekers are challenging these employers by increasing their salary expectations for entry-level roles. Employers are willing to increase their offer to candidates who demonstrate the core qualities and potential to succeed and grow with the organisation.

The number of temporary assignments is increasing, particularly to cover seasonal requirements. Employers are looking for candidates who can hit the ground running without extensive training.

In order to attract the top talent, some organisations are offering flexible working arrangements. Work from home opportunities are on offer by large employers in the technology, banking and insurance industries and have enabled them to keep salaries moderate while attracting quality talent from a new pool of candidates enticed by the flexibility.

In other flexible workplace trends, the banking industry is trialling a 20 to 30 hour working week, rostered to suit business needs, while the government sector is offering more part-time employment opportunities.

We have seen growth in the public sector with both state and federal government departments seeking experienced candidates with large call centre experience.

Hotspots of demand

Outbound sales and telesales candidates are in high demand as organisations seek to maximise all opportunities to grow revenue through existing and new customers. Employers are requesting candidates with industry experience and suitable talent are being offered a salary or commission structure at the top-end of the available budget. The market for these skills remains competitive, with strong candidates receiving multiple job offers.

Demand is also evident for highly-motivated Customer Service Consultants with a demonstrated ability to achieve KPIs and targets along with the resilience to work in a challenging customer-centric environment. Many jobseekers see contact centre roles as a stepping stone, however employers want staff who enjoy working in a contact centre and are able to provide a high-level of customer service. That’s why previous experience is highly regarded, as is an eagerness to learn and outstanding communication skills.

Given the increasing popularity of live chat and real time communication, demand also exists for Customer Service Consultants with experience managing web chat and social media responses. Candidates must have strong written communication skills.

Team Leaders, Customer Service Managers and senior contact centre professionals are also sought in response to rising turnover as people look elsewhere for career progression.

The public sector needs experienced Customer Service Advisors and Information Officers with large call centre experience. Skills in demand include dispute resolution, strong systems and data entry. Employers are open to candidates with a commercial background, in particular those from financial services.

We continue to see some demand for bilingual and multilingual call centre professionals in organisations with an offshore client base.

Jobseeker trends

When looking for their next job, career progression is considered vitally important. Jobseekers are also basing their decision on working hours and conditions.

While today’s jobseekers have more choice, it remains important to develop strong behavioural interview techniques and present well.

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