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Volume hiring & mass recruitment trends 2022

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Mobilising teams at scale and speed requires an innovate strategy at the best of times. Add an acute skills shortage, and it’s time to rethink candidate attraction and retention for high volume recruitment success.

Rethinking volume recruitment

Our new Volume Hiring Trends 2022 guide aims to help overcome the challenges volume hirers are facing. 
High volume hiring (also known as bulk hiring and mass recruitment) refers to the process of recruiting multiple open jobs in a set timeframe. High volume recruiting challenges use to evolve around reducing time to hire, automating processes and maintaining the candidate experience. Today, an effective and efficient bulk hiring process requires the management of additional concerns.

High volume recruiting strategies

Volume hirers must work to safeguard against the significant shortage of skilled professionals. In our Volume Hiring Trends 2022 guide, we reveal the following steps to elevate your high volume hiring strategy.

Pivot to passive candidate attraction

Almost 70 per cent of the talent pool is ‘passive’. To meet high volume recruitment quotas, learn how to target passive candidates with a strategy inclusive of your employment brand, salary or hourly rate, new benefits and a succinct hiring process.

Strengthen your employee value proposition

Discover how to improve your employee value proposition (EVP) to attract candidates of the right quality, not only quantity. Learn how to articulate the working experience and benefits, both tangible and intangible, that you and you alone offer. Provide candidates with a clear understanding of why they should accept your role for bulk recruitment success.

Prioritise hybrid working

Candidates expect flexible working – volume hirers can’t afford to alienate any proportion of the applicant pool. Don’t set-and-forget your flexibility plan. Instead keep up to date with the latest offerings.

Fortify against the great reshuffle

Turnover isn’t limited to permanent staff – temp workers are being poached and breaking contracts. When high volume hiring, design and run exit interviews for all temporary workers and devise a temporary worker retention program.

Redeploy contractors to overcome skills gaps

Consider redeploying candidates to help meet volume hiring quotas. Assess soft skills and attitude before technical skills. Use upskilling to overcome technical gaps and encourage candidates to accept the opportunity.

Build resilience in your workforce

Volume hiring teams often have challenging jobs. To help reduce turnover, foster a culture of resilience, offer training, create co-mentor programs and prioritise communication.

Attract diverse talent

To recruit candidates at scale, high volume recruiting best practices must include a strategy to increase the diversity of applicants.

Accelerate without losing the human touch

A standout candidate experience must remain in the forefront of your high volume recruitment processes. Consider communicating regularly, setting expectations, shortening the interview process and making quick decisions. Understand the critical role you play in onboarding.

Our volume recruitment trends guide

Leveraging these trends will help you stand out and attract talent in demand at scale and speed. Read more on how to elevate your recruiting strategy and solve your high volume recruiting challenges.

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