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How to become an Executive Assistant (EA) in Australia

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The invisible glue behind every executive

We spoke to over 500 EAs across Australia and New Zealand to uncover what it takes to be an EA, and we are very grateful to them for their time.

More than ever, today’s Executive Assistants (EAs) are balancing an ever-increasing list of responsibilities. Those who rise to the top of their field are hard working, organised, collaborative and efficient, with a suite of strong technical skills, the ability to prevent problems before they arise and the capacity to balance deadlines, travel and any and all claims on their executive’s time. That’s why the top EAs can earn up to, and in senior positions can exceed, $120,000.

From qualifications and experience to personal development and work-life balance, our report gives you an insight into what it takes to be an EA.

If you’re considering your career options and want to become an EA, our report will give you an insight into what’s involved and what it takes. And if you are already an EA, we hope you find what your peer group have to say about success to be interesting and engaging.


Key Findings

Technical Skills

80% of Executive Assistants have formal post school qualifications. 67% said communication was in the top 3 skills needed, but several said updating their technical skills and learning the latest technology was the biggest professional challenge over the next 12 months.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are becoming ever more important in an EAs role. EAs are also having to become ever more commercial and are integral in their executives and company’s success. 72% said organisational skills were among the top skills needed and 42% said prioritising was in the top 3 skills. Time management is hence one of the biggest challenges in an EAs role.

A top EA holds

  • A certificate or higher qualification
  • Advanced computer software skills
  • Ability to quickly grasp the latest technology
  • Advanced written and verbal communication skills
  • Accountancy knowledge 

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