Defining a strong EVP

Defining a strong EVP

Promoting your employer brand will attract like-minded candidates who will be aligned with your values and way of doing business.

A definable and communicable Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is critical to your employment brand. In essence, an EVP communicates a company’s values and culture, as well as the rewards, opportunities and experience of working for your company.

In short, an EVP communicates what it’s really like to work for your company. By communicating what you stand for and the experience of working at your company, you’ll attract like-minded candidates who are a natural fit with your company and the way you do business.

Defining the essence of your company is not a simple matter of sitting down with your marketing team and crafting a catchy strap-line or captivating image.

Tips for defining your EVP

• Firstly, identify the essence of your company – what it stands for, its culture, values, beliefs and vision. This can be done through various internal and external surveys as well as looking at staff policies, marketing materials, your website and the organisation’s history.
• Once you collate this data you will realise that, whether intentional or not, you already have an employer brand. In other words, potential employees already have a perception of your company as an employer based on your communications and messages, customer service and any interactions with the company. This is your default employer brand, and you likely want to make alterations.
• To do this, extract the common core values evident in your research and write these core values in succinct and uncomplicated language. This is your EVP. But consider that it is more than just descriptive sentences. It needs to be based in truth, and should represent the sum of the experience of working at your company.
• You can then build your employer brand upon the foundation of your EVP in order to attract the right type of candidate that shares your company’s values and is attracted to what your company stands for.
• Consistency is the key when communicating your EVP and building your brand, both internally and externally. Keep the messages consistent not just during the recruitment process, but during every interaction your business makes. For example, if you claim to support work-life balance or ongoing development, but do not provide ongoing training, study leave or flexible rosters, the reality of your workplace does not match your promised values.


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