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Trades & Labour

October - December 2015

The trades and labour market is fairly active, with new jobs created as projects are won. The market is fast paced, and employers still typically require people who can start immediately.

Construction companies continue to seek local candidates. We’re also seeing a trend of employers requesting multiple ticketed labourers. For example, a labourer who can labour one day, traffic control the next and dog a crane the next.

Candidate levels for ticketed operators and skilled trades have reduced, and will continue to fall in locations with large project requirements.

Skills in demand

In terms of skills in demand for the October to December 2015 quarter, we’re seeing high demand for Labourers. More companies are employing their own labourers and therefore there is constant demand for labourers for temporary roles.

Shopfit Labourers are also sought as we approach the busy retail season. The hours are long but there is plenty of work.

Plumbers are also sought given the amount of plumbing work, especially in remote locations.

Bricklayers/Blocklayers, Carpenters and Plumbers are also all needed in the residential construction industry. Given the amount of residential construction underway, demand is high.

Pipelayers are needed in the civil sector.

Skilled and competent Tower Crane Operators are in increasing demand as more and more high rise commercial and residential blocks are built. Safety is paramount, so candidates must have the necessary hours and hands-on experience.

Dogman/Riggers are also sought for similar reasons. Candidates must have experience on commercial metropolitan sites supporting tower cranes, with most or nearly all experience in the mobile and gantry crane sector.

Form Workers and Carpenters (1st & 2nd fix) are another area of demand. As high-rise commercial and residential construction commences, skilled and tooled Form Workers are needed. This is a hands-on labour intensive trade and a large number of candidates are required at any one time on an individual project.

Traffic Controllers are needed too. Most candidates who have this ticket are already working for the larger traffic management companies.

Glaziers are another area of demand. Many candidates are skilled and qualified in only limited areas of the complete trade. But employers want multi-skilled individuals who can do glazing, fixing and carpentry.

We are also seeing demand in the Northern Territory for Chefs but good candidates are in short supply. Utility and kitchen staff with OHS experience are also needed.


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