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April - June 2015

Employers are very focused on pure hunter sales people with experience in their industry field. There are many opportunities for mid-level candidates who are proven sales experts within the cloud/SaaS space and employers are focused on finding people with the necessary experience and ability to hit the ground running.

Industrial sales are busy but on the professional services side activity has been slow but is expected to pick up in the new financial year.

In relation to skill trends, all sales employers want to know is what the candidate’s targets were, what they achieved, how they achieved it and who they worked with. Success and also failure is easily measured in sales.

In Victoria there is a real need for Business Development specialists across all forms of international and domestic logistics. Pure sales hunters are difficult to find and there is an underlying belief that even the most competent are available for a value which is beneath their current market worth.

However, instead of taking a person from an alternative industry who has excellent skills, international freight forwarders are happy to wait for the right person to become available. There is more flexibility from employers on bringing people in from interstate and overseas, but only if full working rights are in place.

IT Sales professionals with a mix of software and infrastructure knowledge who can increase managed services for mid-sized players are in high demand. They are required to have had a stable tenure in their previous position.

Freight Forwarding Sales Executives are also in demand as companies are trying to increase their market share.

Contract Logistics Business Development Managers are sought after as increasing the diversity of supply chain options to clients is becoming more important. For example, many companies are working towards a ‘one-stop shop’ scenario.

Sales Leaders who are willing to get out in the field to aid sales, but also have experience at developing young teams are also highly sought after.

Business Development Managers are also highly sought as very few people are willing to do pure business development. Many candidates are coming from sales and want to move into account/key account management, or a managerial position after a period of time in sales. However, BDMs are crucial to sales teams as they need to generate new business. BDMs with a mix of Drupal software and applications experience are particularly sought after by digital agencies.

There has been a slight increase in Account Manager roles over the last year as more companies are splitting their sales teams into new and existing business, rather than the BDM covering it all. Account Managers with strong client relationship skills and the ability to manage multi-million dollar accounts are in particular demand. Even when there is no vacancy, employers are willing to look at candidates who have the right skill set for the business as many are looking to build their teams.

Although Sales Managers are not as common as BDM roles, we have recently seen demand for Senior Sales Managers across media and education sales. Those who are able to bring with them extensive industry contacts and have a proven history of business success are the most sought after.

In terms of candidate trends, we are seeing many people moving jobs frequently. This can be detrimental to a career in sales as candidates are often required to have several years tenure, especially for SaaS sales roles.

A lot of candidates want a technology element in their suite of products and services. For example, a lot of the BDMs that sell training are growing their skill sets and now adding in an e-learning element.

Candidates who can display a proven track record in sales and list their achievements, awards and figures are the ones that stand out. Resumes which are vague with specifics are easily over looked by employers


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