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April - June 2014



Valuers - Commercial and residential Valuers are sought. There is a supply shortage as candidates are leaving the sector in response to low commissions and increasing liability. In addition, there is a high volume of work, but fewer graduates entering the market to replace departing staff.


Leasing Executives – Within leasing, the key focus remains on securing candidates with local knowledge and networks, so while there may be a number of available candidates, not all have the required contacts. 


Quantity Surveyors – Candidates with local knowledge are in high demand. The movement of Quantity Surveyors into the estimating role, where they can achieve higher salaries, continues to play its part in the shortage of available candidates. 


Property Managers - Residential Property Managers are in short supply given the low pay, long hours, demanding tenants and increase in the number of investment properties to be managed. There is a particular shortage of mid-range candidates at the $55,000 to $65,000 level with between one and three years of experience. Organisations are using training and development to retain staff at this level, and are also increasing salary packages in order to encourage staff retention and commitment.


Sales Executives - Residential Sales Executives are sought as there is more activity and demand in the residential market for buyers and investors. Experienced sales staff are working at capacity with solid pipelines of sales, which means there is no incentive to move companies and available candidates are thus in short supply.


In addition, Commercial Sales Executives are sought after again. Employers are looking for sales professionals as there are a high number of vacancies, which has forced values down. Candidates must be experienced and well-connected in the current environment.


Strata Managers – There is a small community of strata professionals. Given the higher earning potential within property management, there is a shortage of suitable candidates. 




Many businesses have said this year will be one of headcount growth, with new permanent jobs being created to allow for increased workloads. In areas of growing population, such as Perth, Western Sydney, Melbourne’s outer suburban ring, South East Queensland and Darwin, we are seeing particularly high demand in the residential market, along with other key development areas such as commercial, retail, industrial and health.


Looking ahead, a supply threat looms in the form of our baby boomer population. Given that a significant proportion of the property workforce is approaching retirement age, skills shortages will increase. Any increase in job vacancies will accentuate skills shortages further. 

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