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January - March 2015




Property Managers The booming residential property market has resulted in strong demand for Residential Property Managers. They are in short supply due to the low pay, long hours, demanding tenants and increase in the number of investment properties to be managed. There is a particular shortage of mid-range candidates at the $45,000 to $65,000 level with experience. Organisations are using training and development to retain staff at this level, and are also increasing salary packages in order to encourage staff retention and commitment.


Sales Consultants Demand for Residential Sales Consultants is high due to the increase in buyers and investor activity in the residential market. Experienced sales staff are working at capacity with solid pipelines of sales, which means there is no incentive to move companies and available candidates are thus in short supply. As property owners are looking to cash in on their assets or to pay off debts, 2014 was a record year for many agents in sales and we expect this trend to continue over the next quarter.


Valuers Employers seek Commercial and Residential Valuers as there is a constant demand for valuations for the purposes of refinancing, investment and sales. There is a supply shortage as candidates are leaving the sector in response to low commissions and increasing liability. In addition, there is a high volume of work, but fewer graduates entering the market to replace departing staff. 


Development Managers The strong demand for medium density inner city apartments is creating a need for Development Managers.


Commercial Property Managers (Government) As the public sector re-assess its assets, Commercial Property Managers will be in demand to figure out how to maximise short and long-term cash flow.


Sales Cadets – The need for Residential Sales Cadets continues. Despite there being a lot of qualified agents in the market, candidate quality can be low and it can take time to identify the top talent.


Commercial Leasing Consultants In a local trend, the high vacancy rates currently being experienced in Adelaide have seen agencies look for proven agents with a network to help fill their many empty stores.





In property development most companies are starting to in-source sales, creating more demand for in-house Sales Consultants. Off the plan sales skills are in high demand too, as are mandarin speaking skills.


We are also seeing permanent jobs in the property sector and skill shortages emerging. Job opportunities for graduates in commercial property are increasing as baby boomers continue to retire from the industry.

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