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October – December 2014


Sales Consultants – Residential Sales Consultants are sought as there is more activity and demand in the residential market for buyers and investors. Experienced sales staff are working at capacity with solid pipelines of sales, which means there is no incentive to move companies and available candidates are thus in short supply. As property owners are looking to cash in on their assets or to pay off debts, it has been a record year for many agents in sales and we expect this trend to continue over the next quarter.

Leasing Executives – Within commercial leasing, the key focus remains on securing candidates with local knowledge and networks, so while there may be a number of available candidates, not all have the required contacts.

Land Acquisition Managers/Development Managers – Outer metropolitan greenfield developments are becoming less attractive to investors given their distance from amenities. Consequently the demand for land in the inner metropolitan suburbs is increasing. This is creating a need for professionals who can locate and secure medium density infill sites.
Off the plan sales are booming and developers are looking for sites to meet demand. Government approvals for key infrastructure projects are further adding to demand.

Property Managers – Residential Property Managers are sought in response to the booming residential property market. Spring is the most active season in residential real estate and demand for these professionals will be underpinned by investors looking to buy and tenants being on the move. They are in short supply due to the low pay, long hours, demanding tenants and increase in the number of investment properties to be managed. There is a particular shortage of mid-range candidates at the $45,000 to $65,000 level with experience. Organisations are using training and development to retain staff at this level, and are also increasing salary packages in order to encourage staff retention and commitment.

Valuers – Commercial and residential Valuers are sought. There is a supply shortage as candidates are leaving the sector in response to low commissions and increasing liability. In addition, there is a high volume of work, but fewer graduates entering the market to replace departing staff.

Sales Cadets – Residential Sales Cadets are needed. While the availability of courses ensures there are a lot of qualified agents in the market, candidate quality can be low and it takes time to identify the top talent.

Retail Analysts – With the threat of online shopping to traditional bricks and mortar retailers, companies want to know more about who is buying what, and the amount of foot traffic flowing through shopping centres.


The residential market is performing well and jobs are being created, with growth anticipated for the next 12 months. Employers have more confidence and therefore roles are being confirmed as permanent.

New jobs are being created due to an increase in workload as existing staff cannot cover demand. Candidate levels have decreased, so the market is now swinging towards a candidate short market and employers are finding it challenging to attract quality staff.

Hiring managers are becoming more interested in meeting candidates speculatively for permanent roles as confidence has lifted and they are starting to see potential openings in the future.

Temporary demand exists for Housing Managers at community housing organisations and in the state and local government due to a freeze on permanent hiring.

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