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October – December 2014


ICT Procurement Specialists – Organisations that are improving their ICT systems are looking for specialist skills within this area.

SAP, Pronto and Oracle skills – Employers in Western Australia’s mining and oil & gas industries are looking for candidates with SAP, Pronto or Oracle skills. Most of the major companies in these industries use these systems and consider previous experience to be highly advantageous.

Advanced Excel skills – From Purchasing Officers through to Category Managers, candidates need to be able to confidently analyse spend, suppliers or opportunities using Excel. This requirement is very common in job descriptions.

Strategic Sourcing Consultants – Candidates who have the ability to 'win' consulting work and then undertake management of the contracts are highly sought after.

Purchasing Officers – Candidates with a focus on risk mitigation are in demand due to a number of manufacturers closing. This has become a focus for employers as local supplier networks go into administration.


Candidate levels have increased in recent months and employer requirements are becoming more specific. Many employers are trialling candidates on a temporary basis before offering a permanent role.

But temporary contracts can lead to an employer missing out on candidates who are currently in permanent roles and are unwilling to apply for a contract, even when there is an option of permanency at the end.

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