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Policy & Strategy

April - June 2014



Data Analysts – While this job function can be broad, there is an ongoing need for evidence-based policy development and performance improvement. As a result, we are seeing demand for Data Analysts at a range of levels, but particularly for candidates capable of high-level statistical analysis and modelling using specialised software packages such as SAS, SPSS and R. Employers are also looking for candidates who possess tertiary qualifications in statistics, mathematics or related disciplines, with the ability to perform basic quantitative and qualitative data analysis and formulate a narrative that clearly summaries the information and trends observed and can be read by a variety of audiences. Candidates must also have good Excel skills and the ability to perform basic data manipulation and create graphs and charts.


Legislative Policy Officers – Candidates with experience working through legislative reform or change programs with a background in law are in high demand. These candidates must also possess excellent written skills and the ability to liaise with legal service providers. They also require a thorough understanding of legislative and parliamentary processes.


Project Managers - Experienced and dedicated Project Managers with formal qualifications in a recognized project management methodology such as Prince 2, PMBOK, MSP or a Graduate Diploma in Project Management are in high demand. These candidates are working in enterprise project management offices and need to be able to provide strategic advice to the line area project managers to support them in best practice delivery. These candidates are required to work on a large variety of project types and sizes outside ICT.


Coordination / Departmental Liaison / Secretariat - These candidates are in consistently high demand, although requirements peak over certain periods of the year in response to parliamentary cycles, which include senate estimates, submission of the portfolio budget statements, annual reporting and key meetings. Such candidates play a lynch pin role in divisional support and corporate areas of government. They need excellent editing, formatting and writing skills and the ability to build strategic relationships across their organisation, allowing them to coordinate information both in and out of their divisions and departments. Employers also look for candidates with excellent attention to detail and the ability to prioritise, juggle workloads and meet competing deadlines while remaining calm. Candidates need to have a thorough understanding of departmental and parliamentary processes.


Policy – Demand exists for candidates who can work on corporate policy, as opposed to new government initiatives.


Governance – Many departments are conducting internal reviews into their governance structures. This is creating demand for candidates with quality assurance, reporting and risk management expertise.




Within the government sector the increased trend towards temporary assignments continues. We are seeing a particular need for candidates with niche skills, such as Data Analysts with high level statistical and analytical skills, qualified Strategic Project Managers, policy professionals with particular subject matter expertise or experience in legislative and regulatory changes processes. Other common vacancies include for specialists in governance, risk and assurance.


We expect to see a small spike in activity this quarter as we approach the end of financial year, and budgets need to be spent.


We are also seeing a focus on strategic planning across NGO’s. As a result, many organisations are now looking for a professional who can come on board and assist with overall organisational strategic planning.

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