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Policy & Strategy

July - September 2015

Across policy and strategy we are seeing an increase in job flow in many states and territories. This is most obvious in New South Wales following the March state election as government agencies finalise their structures and therefore create new roles.

Across Federal Government there is still a freeze on most permanent recruitment, and therefore contract roles remain the focus. In fact across policy and strategy we are still seeing a general tendency to employ candidates on a temporary basis due to budget constraints.

This is despite the candidate-short nature of the market, which sees employers lose out on their preferred candidate if they fail to run a succinct process.

One exception to this situation is South Australia, where the State Government has a strong pool of candidates to select from when they recruit.

In terms of skills in demand for the July to September 2015 quarter, we’re seeing high demand for Data Analysts with government experience and strong Excel skills. However there is a supply shortage, which is pushing up demand.

Biostatisticians are also highly sought after by both federal and state health agencies.

Governance & Compliance Managers are needed too thanks to council amalgamations in New South Wales.

Project Officers are in increased demand to work on projects.

Ministerial Coordinators are another area of demand. This is a high turnover area due to the high pressure and high volume nature of the role.

Policy Analysts are in demand to analyse information and trends in complex data for policy development and implementation purposes. High level analytical skills and the ability to interpret quantitative and qualitative information for the purpose of delivering high level reports are needed.

Strong Technical Writers are sought and must have strong English language skills.

Research/Grant Officers are also sought. Employers look for candidates with a university project background.

Project Officers are sought to assist with project delivery, project scheduling, meeting KPI's and deliverables, budget control and reviews. Experience in a PMO is desirable.

Program Managers are in high demand in South Australia. A shift in the allocation of funding to areas such as education and investment generation in South Australia has created more opportunities for Program Managers as Ministers focus on achieving initiatives that provide positive outcomes.

Fund Administrators are sought as a direct result of funding allocation for new project initiatives. This requirement is short-term but is a direct reflection of the enormous focus on investment and employment sustainability in South Australia at this time.

We are seeing high turnover for Executive Officers, which is creating a need to replace departing staff.

Senior Policy Officers are also sought. Reviews within portfolios as a directive of Chief Executives in order to improve efficiencies have created this demand.

In terms of candidate trends, the top talent is more selective in today’s job-rich market. Consequently employers are advised to move quickly in order to secure their preferred candidate.

Candidates also have higher expectations of hourly rates and want to secure a rate that reflects the level of candidate demand. They are also looking for a role offering job satisfaction.

Candidates are more aware of the value of holding current security clearances, particularly for roles where organisations interface with aged care, vulnerable persons and/or children. Candidates should mention their clearance status in their initial application as it increases their profile to a prospective employer.


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