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Oil & Gas

April - June 2014



Western Australia:

Cost Engineers - Cost is the focus of employers across the state, and we have therefore seen a recent rise in demand for Cost Engineers. Companies are looking for candidates who can not only work solely in a reporting role, but who can analyse cost trends and identify potential problem areas before they occur.


Rotating Equipment Engineers - As many major projects approach the operations and maintenance stage, we have seen a spike in demand from operators for specialist Rotating Equipment Engineers with in-depth knowledge of how to manage their assets in this area.  



Application and Technical Sales Engineers – These skills are sought by original equipment manufacturers. Projects are moving into the operation phase, and companies are looking at ways of strategically partnering to provide optimisation and maintenance services to the plants. E&I Technicians are in very short supply and it takes time for these candidates to progress from an electrical position (construction and maintenance side). Thus we expect no immediate change in the shortage of these professionals.


Mechanical Fitters and Coded Welders – These candidates are in high demand due to the progression of LNG projects. We are also seeing demand within specialist areas of mechanical fitting, such as Hydrotesters and Valves Technicians for the pipelines.


Commissioning and start-up experience – Oil & gas professionals with commissioning and start-up experience are sought across all disciplines, including trades such as electrical and instrumentation, as well as engineering professionals and other technical staff. 


Trainers – We are seeing demand for training and competency assurance professionals as operations staff are up-skilled to use new equipment.



Sales Engineers – Specialist companies servicing the oil and gas industry are focused on securing experienced Sales Engineers. Key to the success of these organisations has been their ability to recruit and retain candidates with strong technical knowledge.


Operations/Maintenance and Construction – The need to ensure the ongoing reliability and efficiency of equipment has seen several site-based opportunities arise, particularly on aging assets. The focus is on securing experienced contractors, including individuals looking to return to Victoria after working interstate for several years.




The oil and gas market in Western Australia is steady. There are still a number of contracts to be awarded which will generate opportunities in both the marine sector and operations and maintenance. These will provide good career opportunities for suitable candidates.


The market remains contract driven and salaries and contract rates are steady. Cost is of paramount importance across the industry and driving costs down has been a primary objective for the majority of organisations in the state. This trend is likely to continue for the rest of the year.  


In Queensland, we expect to see a mix of construction, shut down and maintenance roles. Recruitment will be predominately for contract and temporary staff given the decrease in construction projects being awarded. Commissioning personnel will be engaged on a contract basis, as will project development and construction related staff as projects near completion.


Vacancy activity will increase in operations and maintenance.


Employers in Victoria are looking for highly skilled candidates with local experience. There is no particular trend towards contract or permanent work; employers are instead focused on identifying and securing the best talent to fulfil each unique requirement.


While design activity has slowed over recent months, there is still a focus on existing assets to ensure their ongoing reliability and efficiency.

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