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Oil & Gas

July - September 2015

Australia’s oil and gas industry is expected to recover in 2015-16 as it shifts from the construction to production phase, output increases and new LNG trains start to come online in coming years.

While a turnaround is expected, for now many employers still remain cautious. In Victoria for example employers still prefer to recruit short-term temporary assignments while they wait for definite signs that the market is about to recover. In anticipation of this, employers are starting to speculatively consider permanent roles, although again they are waiting until the recovery is clear before going ahead with these.

An area that continues to see vacancy activity is retail fuel. Many big retail companies have plans in this space and continue to commit to Greenfield projects.

In Queensland employers are taking advantage of the higher volume of candidates to secure top talent.

While salaries fell as projects were downgraded or written down due to the fall in prices, candidate expectations remain higher. Despite offering lower salaries, employers are very selective in who they will hire and ideally want a ‘diamond in the rough’ who will accept a lower level salary.

In Western Australia there have been a number of cost cutting exercises as companies react to the lower oil price. However operations and maintenance remains strong and there are a number of major engineering contracts in this area that will be awarded this financial year and which will provide opportunities for job seekers.

Interestingly while there is still some caution in the market, in the last few weeks there have definitely been more signs of optimism as the industry steadies.

In terms of skills in demand for the July to September 2015 quarter, we’re seeing some need in Queensland for Reservoir Engineers to help deal with workloads that have built up following previous redundancies.

Contract Administrators are also in some demand for certain projects.

In Victoria, Project Managers are in high demand in the retail space as Greenfield projects commence. Demand is expected to remain high for at least the next 12 months.

We’re also seeing demand in the gas pipelines market for Project Engineers with transmission experience for upcoming infrastructure projects.

Gas Workers (blue collar) are typically involved in the labouring aspects of gas installations and are also sought for domestic work. Employers are typically looking for candidates with a Certificate III in Gas Operations. Given demand, those with extensive experience may also be considered for roles.

In Western Australia Contract Specialists are still in relative high demand as are Maintenance Engineers. We expect these areas will remain busy over the next 12 months.


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