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April - June 2014



Receptionists – Employers continue to look for professional and corporately presented receptionists with at least 12 months or more of experience who are well spoken and reliable. Such candidates are in high demand. Yet many candidates tend to undervalue this role and many want to skip this valuable step in gaining experience that will allow them to move up within organisations.


Administrators – There is a shortage of skilled Administrators with versatile skills who can multitask, who have additional skills, such as finance, sales, marketing and IT, and who are happy to take on tasks given to them. There is also a shortage of Sales Administrators.


Senior Executive Assistants – These candidates are in high demand since there has been limited candidate movement and therefore limited candidate availability at the senior level.  


Office Managers - Office Managers are in demand due to the lack of movement in this area. Candidates in these roles tend to stay in their current position and are therefore in short supply. In addition, when they recruit employers often prefer similar industry experience over skill set.


Legal Secretaries – There is a shortage of Legal Secretaries as they often leave the profession for work-life balance reasons. New entrants to the jobs market are often associate legal professionals who want to get the measure of a company they wish to move into. Employers are also looking for candidates who are experts in one area not multiple areas. For example, if a secretary has worked in commercial, litigation and property, employers often feel that they lack solid expertise in the area of law which they practice in. This contrasts to the past where such experience in various areas would have been valued.  


Customer Service – Employers are looking for candidates with high level and accurate data entry and order entry experience.


Site, Mobilisation & Recruitment Administrators - Experienced candidates are in demand in Western Australia for temporary assignments as projects ramp up. We are seeing a particular need for candidates with specific systems knowledge such as ERMS and FIFO360 to work on large construction projects.


Pre Start and Client Liaison Consultants – As the housing market continues to improve we are seeing increased demand for Pre Start & Client Liaison Consultants, as well as for public sector Building & Planning Approvals Administrators. 


Document Controllers – There are a limited number of candidates available with relevant experience and employers are not willing to increase salaries to match qualifications, which creates an attraction challenge. Consequently it is becoming more common for a Site Administrator to also take on Document Control duties.


Project Administrators – Candidates usually now possess a broad skill set, and so are able to cross over into a Document Control or Site Administration role. This leaves a shortage of candidates for Project Administration vacancies.  


Service Coordinators – Within the construction industry we are seeing a need for Service Coordinators who can work autonomously within a male dominated workplace.


Data Entry Administrators – We continue to see demand increase for candidates with data entry experience, however often the salary on offer is holding people off from applying for these roles.




Office support vacancy activity remains positive. In this busy market, we have seen an increase in permanent vacancies as companies bolster their administration support functions or take on additional workload. 


There is still a large focus on temporary assignments, with employers looking for a fast, effective staffing solution.  They are more inclined to review CVs for temporary assignments to make sure that the candidate is an exact match for their requirements. Employers are also looking to test a candidate in a temporary role before offering them a permanent role, and are using long-term temporary assignments to cover staff gaps.


More employers are attempting to combine roles, such as by employing an Office Administrator who also assists in accounts, payroll and performs PA duties.


While there are candidates available, there is a shortage of top quality candidates.

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